Thursday, December 29, 2011

December 28th


I got a call from Mum on her cell phone today… that NEVER happens! She usually texts me and then I call her.

Mum was SUPER excited. She’d bought a copy of NZ Paper Chase on her way to work but hadn’t had a chance to look at it until 4.30 pm.

At afternoon tea time she opened it up and started reading the ‘Letters to the Editor’ and that’s when she realised it was HER letter!

Months ago she’d scrap lifted an idea from a layout Gwen Kirman had done. Mum did hers using fabric for an album cover. It looked really good so bossy thing that I am I told her to send it into the magazine.

Not only did they publish Mum’s letter… they put her album cover in too!

Here’s a better shot of ‘The Letter’:


Mum has been a crafter all her life… she made just about all our clothes when we were little. She sewed, knitted, did crochet, covered boxes with fabric, embroidery, cross stitched, folk art painting… and now she does scrapbooking as well.

She quite often blends several of her hobbies into one project like she did for this album:


Congratulations Mum!!! I know it was a huge thrill to see your name in print!

Happy scrapping everyone xx

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