Friday, December 30, 2011

December 29th


We’d planned on going to the Taupo Rodeo today and catching up with Fearnley… but it RAINED!  This has got to be the worst summer weather.

Instead we went to town and did some jobs.  Mikayla needed to go to the bank and get some new walking shoes and we both needed to go to the library.

By this stage I was thinking ‘comfort food’ so we picked up some supplies and headed home.

Thanks to Krystal I pulled out my Nigella DVD’s and found the recipe for lamb tagine.  By 6pm the tagine was ready so I ‘whipped up’ some cous cous, made an onion, capsicum and pomegranate salsa and we were good to go!

I’ve actually never had a pomegranate before… but I’ll definitely be having them again!  I love how Nigella describes them as little ‘jewels’ and that’s pretty much what they look like.  They certainly brightened up not just the colour but also the flavour of the tagine.

Happy cooking xx

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