Monday, December 5, 2011

December 4th


“Poor” Toby spent most of today sitting in my craft room waiting for me to take him out but I just HAD to get the album finished!

By 2.30pm we’d both had enough so we jumped in the car and headed out to the Redwoods.  What BLISS!

Toby was in 7th heaven!  He ran up and down the paths smelling EVERYTHING.

Then we got a snow cone and headed to Hannah’s Bay.  He was one very happy boy.

We need to do this again SOON!

I often get asked what breed Toby is… and the answer is that he’s a real mixture.  His mother is a Shar Pei -Labrador cross and his father is a Border Collie.

Toby (who’s full name is Toblerone – just like the chocolate) is a very gentle puppy who thinks he’s a ‘people’!  He’s a real “mumma’s boy” and loves following me around everywhere… and the welcome I get each day when I get home from work is worth more than gold!

Happy scrapping xx


  1. Wow! Toby is getting to be such a big "people" now! I know first hand how much he loves his Mumma and much she loves him back! Good for you - he is gorgeous! xoxo

  2. Beautiful page and looks like Toby had fun!


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