Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December 5th


Last week Krystal saw a really good deal for a new laptop which she really wanted so while we were buying it I got myself a new ‘everyday’ camera!

I’ve had lots of moments that I’d have liked to capture but my BIG camera was  at home.  All I really wanted was a small camera so that I wouldn’t miss out on those moments.

This wee Fuji Film camera really is perfect!  It’s small, takes a great photo and has everything I need.

With no ‘significant other’ it felt totally cool to shout myself an early Christmas present!  PLUS I know that it’s going to be really handy.

I’m sure it’s going to get loads of use this summer… and especially while I’m doing my December Daily project!

Today in my classroom we were making Christmas Rocky Road and I wanted to take some photos.  I grabbed my classroom camera and after taking the first one the batteries DIED!!!  NO PROBLEM!  I simply grabbed my new little camera out of my bag and now I’ve got the photos I wanted :)

Happy ‘snapping’ everyone Smile

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  1. Hi Shell,
    Great page and great that you treated yourself as well!!
    Good to see it has been put to good use already!


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