Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Log your memory: Set up and Week 1

The Log Your Memory: Time Capsule project has started for 2012.  This week they’re offering everyone a FREE look at the project and how it works!


I’m VERY new to digital scrapbooking but as I looked around various template the ones that really caught my eye were the ones that allowed me plenty of space to journal.  I loved the graphic ‘magazine’ feel of the ‘My Story’ templates from Kristin’s Scrap Design so I bought one set… tried it out and loved it!

Here’s my front cover:1. Title pageClick photo to enlarge

Because this is a ‘Time Capsule’ project… and to give me some more practice with the whole digital thing… I decided to do a page called ‘My Life Right Now’.  That way when the project is finished, at the end of the year, I can look back and see what’s changed.  Here’s my page:2. My life right nowClick photo to enlarge

Week 1: Teacher or Learner?

Each week you get themes to work with and LOTS of ideas to springboard from.  One of the questions they asked was whether you like to teach or be taught… or neither and that one really resonated with me so that became the focus for my page: Week 1Click photo to enlarge

I’m using the 12 x 12 templates to create my pages but I can’t get those printed as photos locally so I’m having them printed as 8x8.  It’s a really good size actually… and just perfect for a ‘coffee table’ book so I got busy and made myself a book to keep all my pages in!

Here’s my cover with the spiral binding: book coverClick photo to enlarge

I’ve made enough pages to cover all 52 prompts for the year but I know I’m going to need to put bigger spiral bindings on before the year is out!

book spineClick photo to enlarge

So that’s one of my projects for the year off to a good start!  My aim is to upload each weeks pages for this project on Wednesday’s so stay tuned for the next page.

Happy scrapping xx

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