Sunday, January 22, 2012

Project Life: Week 3

I really didn’t think that much had happened this week until I started putting together my pages and then I realised that there have been lots of things… I think that’s one of the beauties about this project… it’s a great way to capture the ordinary, everyday things that you don’t want to scrapbook but you don’t want to forget.

Here’s my spread for Week 3:Full-1

If you’ve seen my previous post then you’ll know that I’ve been painting my kitchen… and I have to say that I really, really love how it’s turned out! One thing I’ve learnt is that you’ve got to ask LOTS of questions before you start. Since painting the window surrounds and the pantry door with ‘flat’ paint I’ve learnt that it marks REALLY easily so today I went back to Bunnings and I’ve bought some ‘Low Sheen’ paint to go on those areas… now I’ll have the look I want with the benefits of being a lot more ‘wipeable’.

Here’s a closer look at the left side:Left-1

After doing the kitchen I felt a bit ‘low energy’ for a couple of days but there were still things happening. I had an appointment with the bank about my mortgage, Mikayla’s Christmas present for me finally arrived in the shop… and I found a ‘snapped’ photo that Mikayla took!

Here’s a better look at the right side:Right-1

Yesterday my sister Katie had planned on coming over to see me with my gorgeous wee nieces. We decided that a picnic at Holden’s Bay would be a good idea… and we had a fantastic time!

About 5 minutes after we arrived a water plane landed on the lake. Miss Jessie was SUPER excited about it! Better still, the plane actually came right up to the shore beside us… the girls were really thrilled!

As you can see from the photos Miss Sammie is now walking! It was so cute to see her toddling around… and she’s developing some awesome expressions!

It was a day of surprises because just before we arrived at our picnic I got a text from Mum saying: “We’re at your house, where are you?” Mum’s husband, Richard, had decided to take Mum for a drive and they ended up over here… so neat because Mum was able to have some all important ‘Grandma’ time with the girls too!

Here’s my little piece of creativity for this weeks page:Creativity-1

I used some My Minds Eye paper along with some foam letters, a printed quote left over from another project and then I die cut the ‘3’ and the bird using stiff felt… love how that turned out!

So that’s my week… lots of little things happening and still loving playing with all the digital stuff… plus lots of photos to scrapbook! I took 50 photos at our picnic yesterday which I thought was pretty good until I saw how many Mum had…. Miss ‘snap happy’ had taken 97!!!

I hope you’re having a lovely weekend xx

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  1. Its amazing how those little stories add up over the week. Like your mustard colour, I've got purple that needs to go - want to do mine now??? LOL


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