Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Log Your Memory: Week 4

This week at Log your Memory the theme was all about books.  I really love reading and I have definite authors that I look for when I go to the library.

For this prompt I decided to focus on the books that I actually own and I was surprised at the variety of books I have… although they fall into very definite categories.

Here’s my layout for the week:Week 4Click image to enlarge

I love watching CSI, Criminal Intent and other crime shows so it’s no surprise that my collection of books includes some ‘who dunnit’ books.  I really like Sue Grafton’s ‘alphabet’ mysteries.  I started collecting them several years ago and I often go back and re-read them.

Nicholas Evans is another favourite author.  He wrote the Horse Whisperer and funnily enough that is his only book that I don’t own.  I first read his book ‘The Smoke Jumper’ and there is one part of the book that literally has me crying like a baby every time I read it.  His books really tell an emotional story mixed with some interesting information.  If you like Nicholas Sparks (love his books but don’t own any)  then you’ll probably like Nicholas Evans as well. 

Richard Carlson has written the very popular ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff’ which I got a lot out of.  Since then I’ve added several of his titles to my collection.  His wife has also collaborated on some of the books with him and she offers a good ‘female perspective’.

Of course I’ve got some lovely cooking books.  Most are kept in my kitchen but I like to keep my new ones on the bookshelf for a while so that I read them a bit more.

And then there’s my scrapping inspiration books… Nic Howard, Ali Edwards, Vinnie Pearce and Claudine Hellmuth.  I’ve also got Tim Holtz’s book but that’s in use right now LOL

For the last few years I’ve been getting into ‘Chick Lit’ books… you know the ones that are like a Chick Flick but in a book.  Marian Keyes, Sheila O’Flanagan and I’m currently reading Carole Matthews.  Every night I read a chapter… sometimes two… and it’s a real wind down from the day.  I find them fairly predictable… but that’s part of the attraction… it’s a way for my brain to wind down and switch off at the end of a busy day.

I’d love to hear what you like to read!

Have a great week xx


  1. I've got lots of Nora Roberts - love the series ones she does. Also Diana Gabaldona, Sara Donati and Katie Fforde are big favourites. I love books too and usually read every night before going to sleep.

  2. I love books too Shell. I have ample cook books but few fiction as I find I can't read a book twice. Thank goodness for the Library!

    I love your layout Shell and am really enjoying your weekly posts for Project Life. xoxo

  3. I also love to read but have got very lazy about it over the past while. Also at the moment I'm reading lots of self-help books

  4. Many and varied here ... authors-wise ... but I gravitate towards the soppy romance books from the local library and bring home a pile every month - around a dozen and whip through them and tend to keep a stockpile beside my bed much to DH's horror.


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