Sunday, February 26, 2012

Project Life: Week 8 and a couple of FREEBIES

It’s a gorgeous day here today so Mikayla and I thought we might take Toby out for a play at one of his favourite places this afternoon :)

When I shared my Week 7 pages with you I mentioned that I had created a 6 x 12 insert but I didn’t have it printed… well now it’s all printed and in my album :)

Here’s a look at the front side of the insert:Insert (1)_2

My sister made such a cool invitation that I really wanted to include it on the insert… minus the address and phone numbers :)  I love that I’ve been able to include lots of the birthday photos on this insert.

On the back I’ve included more photos along with some journaling about the day:Insert (2)_1

So pleased with how it turned out!

This week has been really eventful… lots of things happening and it’s been one of those ‘out of the ordinary’ weeks.  Here’s my double spread:Full_1

We had a GREAT start to the week at school because they brought the REAL Webb Ellis Trophy!  We were one of only four schools in Rotorua to have a visit from them… definitely a great upside to being a teacher :)

Here’s a better look at the left side:Left_1

On Tuesday night I had a new night class group start and then we found out the Masterchef was starting that night as well so we brought all the goodies up into the lounge and did our class in front of the TV… Mr Toby was really happy about it because everyone was at his height!!!

The best part of the week was Dad and Jan arriving on Wednesday.  I hadn’t seen Dad for 14 months and it was so good to be able to talk, laugh, joke and spend time with him.  He hadn’t met Toby either but they became very good friends in a short amount of time.

I made a yummy tagine for dinner while they were here and we all sat at the table chatting over dinner.  Dad had a funny grin on his face and when I looked under the table there was Toby sitting on Grandad’s feet!!!

Toby followed Grandad all over the place and he even sat outside the toilet door and waited for him… very cute!  Dad left on Friday morning and on Friday afternoon when I got home from work Toby rushed out the front to see Grandad (he was staying in his flash caravan on our driveway) but there was no caravan and no Grandad… poor Toby was very confused about where Grandad had gone!

Here’s the right side of this weeks layout:Right_1

Even though Grandad was gone on Friday afternoon our driveway and front lawn wasn’t completely empty… we had the men (lots of men actually) digging up our front lawns to lay new cabling.  Toby was quite excited about what was going on.

Later on Nina and Dion came over for a visit.  Dion absolutely adores Toby and Toby loves that Dion will play outside with him… although he’s still not great about ‘fetching’.  Dion spent some time playing on his ipod and Toby was VERY interested in what he was doing… you could almost hear him ask to have a turn!

Meanwhile Nina and I got out her cricut that she bought when we went to SENZ last year.  She still had her Gypsy wrapped up in all the packaging so we got it out and had a play… it’s really cool!  Nina has discovered that she’s got ‘more on it than she’ll ever use’ and she’s super happy with it!

After that I got out my new cameo and I showed her how it works… we cut out a film strip and a HUGE old fashioned bike (it measures approx 8 x 11 inches!!!)  We were both really impressed with the clean cut we got and had fun listening to all it’s funny little ‘chirping’ noises while it worked… clearly it doesn’t take much to keep us entertained!

Here’s my creative card for the week:Creativity_1

This was made using a resist technique.  Basically you stamp and then emboss your image with clear embossing powder (I did mine on kraft cardstock) and then you ink all over it.  The embossing resists the ink and shows the original kraft colour through the ink.  Really neat technique and super easy to do!

After having so much fun with Toby on Friday night, Dion asked if he could come and stay for the night so he came back last night.  We watched a cool movie (The Indian in the Cupboard) and had popcorn and chips and then this morning Mikayla and I made this for breakfast:IMG_5865

Yummy pancakes with blackberries, ice cream, whipped cream, icing sugar and maple syrup…. can you FEEL the calories???

We sat outside in the sun and ate and chatted… perfect start to the day and even Toby managed to get some:IMG_5866

Now for something just for YOU!  You’ve probably noticed that I use lots of words on my photos.  Some are words that I’ve typed in but lots are PNG files… and lots of them were free on other blogs!  This week I had two particular things I wanted for photos and couldn’t find what I was looking for so I had a go at making my own… so I thought I’d work out how to give them to you to use as well.

The first one says: When I wished for a man… this wasn’t what I had in mind!When I wished for a man by Shell

This is a PNG word art file with a transparent background (no shadows):  DOWNLOAD HERE

The second one says: When is it my turn?When is it my turn by Shell

This is a PNG word art file with a transparent background (no shadows): DOWNLOAD HERE

I hope you get some use out of them :)

Hope you all have a GREAT week xx


  1. Had to laugh at the little things that keep you entertained - the noises from the cameo?? LOL. I love busy weeks and seeing it all in the PL album. Thanks for the downloads - will give it a go.

  2. So you got it! Great stuff, hope you having great fun. Love reading your stories. Keep it up.

  3. yep, feeling the calories ... sounds divine though ... haven't had pancakes for years. Hmmmmmmmmmmm ... food for thought.


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