Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Log Your Memory: Week 12

Well it’s Wednesday which means time for another layout from the Log Your Memory project.

This weeks prompt is all about writing letters… and quite frankly, since it’s so much quicker and easier to email I have to admit that I don’t write letters anymore. 

When I was at high school I had a pen pal in Japan who I exchanged letters with… and I used to write to my friend William when we were still at high school… but these days if you did receive a letter from me it would be quite unusual.

The one person who I wrote to for a long time was my Nana (great-grandmother).  Nana was pretty much perfect in my eyes… kind, understanding, fun, supportive and she always had a special twinkle in her eye when we were together.

Here’s my layout about the letters I used to send her:Week 12

When I was 25, Mum made me a special album with snippets of my life in it.  I’d seen all the photos before but it was nice having them all in one place.  Then I got to the end of the album and there were two letters written by me to Nana.  Such a cool thing to have!!

I must have been about 5 years old when I wrote them … there’s a few spelling mistakes, and some letters are around the wrong way like ‘bady’ instead of ‘baby’.  I told her that the ‘blossoms are being pink and white’ and I ended one of the letters with ‘we have jam’, so clearly Mum had been doing some preserving.

I couple of years ago Mum gave me a package that had a bunch of letters I’d written to Nana.  There’s heaps of them… and I remember trying to buy nice paper and envelopes to make them special.  Some of them still smell of the perfume I used to spray on them for her.

It’s really special to have those letters as they remind me of the special relationship that I had with Nana.

She’s been gone since I was 16 but our relationship is still very much alive in my heart.

So that’s this weeks prompt… does anyone actually write letters anymore?

Have a great week xx

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  1. Oh wow that is so cool that you now have the letters. I don't write letters anymore either but have been thinking I might do the odd one just to keep my hand in. LOL


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