Sunday, March 18, 2012

Project Life: Week 11 and a FREEBIE or 2!

The weeks are really flying by and I’m already looking forward to the school holidays so that I can try and catch up with myself! 

This week has been especially busy at school because the entire senior school are going on camp… that’s 155 children along with 6 teachers and 35 parents!  It’s going to be really great… but… I’m going to REALLY miss Toby!!!

Here’s a look at this week:Full_1

We started off the week with a pre-camp visit.  Toby was allowed to come in the car but he had to stay in the car too which didn’t impress him much:Pre camp toby

Meanwhile Wendy (team leader) and I checked out all the cool activities we’ll be doing… kayaking, mud run, orienteering, the swoop (super looking forward to that one!), horse riding… and HEAPS more!Left_1

After we’d finished our visit, Wendy and I got some ice creams from McDonalds and headed for one of favourite dog parks.  He was a very happy camper :)  He’s decided the seagulls are great for chasing too!

That night Mikayla made us gourmet burgers and curly fries for dinner… I love it when she gets creative in the kitchen!!

Those that know me will know that I love power tools… and this time the drill was put to good use creating a BIG table for my craft room.  It’s 1.2 metres wide and 2.4 metres long so there’s plenty of room for everyone :)


The second half of my week was filled with lots of ‘little moments’ and I’m super happy to have them in my album. 

Mikayla wrote ‘Toby is naughty’ in the dust on the TV… have to admit that I laughed and thought to myself… ‘Mikayla is naughty to write in the dust!’

Mikayla gave blood this week too.  Last time she went to donate she wasn’t allowed to because her iron count was too low but she’s eating properly again now and this time it was absolutely fine… plus she only got a tiny little bruise.

I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed this week… I’m not really sure why… maybe it’s just the natural ebb and flow of daily life… maybe it’s school being so busy… maybe it’s that I’ve got so many things on the go. 

The good thing is that I’ve recognised the feeling and I’ve put my priorities in place so I’m feeling a bit better about it all… and since the simple fact of having washing on the line on a nice sunny day made me feel really happy I thought I’d include that too :)

Here’s this weeks creativity:Creativity_1

Mikayla came home from work yesterday with some gorgeous St Patrick’s Day badges and she offered me one so I’ve included it on my weekly card…  I know Mum is going to be jealous of that one!!!  Just in case you were wondering Mum… I’ve stuck it down with the HOT GLUE GUN so you definitely can’t have it :)

I’ve also been busy making some more PNG files to share.  They come with black writing on a transparent background.

First there is this one:

Power tools by Shell


I really liked making this one too:

Touch my dust by Shell


I’d love to hear from you if you use these PNG files :)

Thanks for visiting everyone xxx

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  1. My o My Mr Toby you such a lovely big boy now..
    Shell sound like you have a lot on your plate you have a great time at camp..
    Think of you often life gets way to busy and time seems to whizz past love to you and your girls...


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