Sunday, March 11, 2012

Project Life: Week 10

It’s hard to believe that we’re already ten weeks into 2012!  I’m sure time is somehow speeding up.

As usual we’ve had a full on week with lots happening.  Here’s my full spread for the week:Full_1

My niece (Kody) started school on Monday and from what she told me on the phone today she’s loving it! 

Mr Toby doesn’t like school… mostly because it means that Mikayla and I are too busy to be at his beck and call!  The other night Mikayla made us a lovely hot chocolate each… complete with marshmallows!!  When I was finished mine Mr Toby lay back on me and pulled the cup towards himself… the end result is that he now thinks hot chocolate drinks should be on his menu!

Here’s a closer look at the start of our week:

Left_1This week we also bought a new microwave.  When we did up the kitchen the old microwave had to go and we didn’t bother replacing it… but we’ve realised there’s a few things we miss like:

  • soft butter
  • popcorn on movie nights
  • caramel steamed puddings… YUM!!

Toby’s nails have been getting quite long and I TRIED to cut them on Tuesday but Toby was having none of that!!!  He bared his teeth at me… snapped and snarled and we both just got fed up so he’s been to the vet yesterday and now his nails are lovely again.

Here’s the second half of our week:Right_1

When Toby’s not behaving like a very naughty child (he’s going through a phase at the moment) he’s really quite lovely!  Last weekend some people in the park had a party and somehow a shoe ended up on our side of the fence.  Toby found it and he’s had a huge amount of fun chewing it up!  It’s now one of his favourite things along with an old dustpan brush and a piece of wood with a shoelace tied on the end!

Mum sent me the photo of herself… she was doing some gardening at her place and the little gate needed mending but before she did that job she got Richard to take a photo of herself ‘framed’ in the garden!  So nice that she got to have some ‘goofy’ fun!!!

This week I missed several photo opportunities… not because I didn’t have my camera… not because the batteries were flat… and not because I didn’t think about it.  The opportunities were lost because I was so busy ‘living the moment’ that the opportunity passed.  At least by having the ‘missed opportunities’ card in my album I’ll be reminded that all those things happened.

Here’s my creativity for this weeks page:Creativity_1

I kept it pretty simple this week while I was learning how to ‘weld’ and ‘offset’ on the Cameo.  Really easy to do once you know how :)

And finally for this week, I’ve created an insert of a different kind.

You know how you get sent funny emails… most of mine get read and then either forwarded or deleted… but this week I received one that really did make me laugh so I played around in Photoshop and made myself a whole lot of cards with all the different bits on it.

Here’s the front:Insert front_1

And here’s the back:Insert back_1

I made all the quotes ATC size (2.5 x  3.5 inches) so that I could use an ATC pocket page for them.  The holes in the pocket match up perfectly with the rest of my album too!

Here’s what it looks like with this weeks pages:Full with insert_1






So there you have it… 10 weeks completed and still going strong!

Thanks for dropping by my blog!  I hope you all have a great week :)


  1. LOL over your funny email and love the idea of writing down the missed photo ops - going to pinch that idea. :)

  2. Ahhh what a busy time you have had.. Cracking up at the best friends job of clearing your computer. too cute pics of Toby and of Kody off to school. I am dreading Blakie going to school in August,that time will come around way too soon.

  3. Great pages this week Shell but if I didn't know better I would be suspicious about your claim that you only bought the wee easter eggs so that you cold create art! xoxo


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