Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Log your Memory: Week 15

Well it’s Wednesday and time for another instalment of the Log your Memory project.  I’m quite enjoying this months prompts which are all about occupation!

This week one of the questions was about your time schedule and how much control you have in your average day.  Although I ‘live my life by the bell’ during the week there is actually quite a lot of flexibility in it.

Before I became a teacher I got ‘bored’ with lots of the jobs I did.  I was a secretary, receptionist, photocopy specialist, sign writer, merchandiser and a few other things.  I’d love the first few weeks of a job… while I was learning lots of new skills… and then the monotony of the job set in.  Every day started looking and feeling just like the day before.

All that changed when I became a teacher!Week 15

One day will be in the classroom doing all the ‘usual’ teacher things… reading , writing, maths, spelling etc and I really enjoy doing all those things!  The very next day will be a sports day… or camp… or art week… or the Webb Ellis cup coming to our school… or a Professional Development day… in other words there’s LOTS of variety!

I started my teaching career with a Year 7 and 8 class (intermediate age) and the very next year I was working with Year 2… you can’t get much different than that!

For the past five years I’ve been teaching Year 5 and 6.  I’ve found the age group that I really like.  They’re developing their own ideas… they often think they ‘know it all’ but at the same time most of them are really willing to learn!

This year I’ve got the best class I’ve had in senior school.  There’s a couple of children that are still pushing the line but I’ve done more teaching in one term than I did in the entire previous year!

I’ve rediscovered my passion for teaching!  I haven’t had a single day of ‘Monday-itis’… and I’m loving it!

Right now it’s school holidays and I’m loving that too!!!

Have a great week xxx


  1. And as a parent, I loved it when my kids got a teacher who loved their job. It showed!!! :)

  2. I'm grateful to get my teacher experience through you Shell! I don't think I would have the energy - you are an awesome teacher, my friend! xoxo


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