Sunday, April 15, 2012

A ‘double whammy’ today!

Hi everyone :)

As you all know sometimes things happen at the same time so today I’ve got a Project Life update as well as a Scrapbook Dreams challenge.

First up is Project Life: Week 15.  As most of you are aware I’m a school teacher so with the school holidays I’ve been able to catch up on a few things… still got lots on my ‘to do’ list though!Full_1

One thing I really wanted to do these holidays was to watch ‘When a City Falls’.  When it was on TV I didn’t watch it as I had Dad staying and catching up with him was a bit more important than watching TV :)  I’ve now seen the movie and I have to say that I’d give it a very high rating!  I was impressed with the way Gerard Smyth tackled this project letting the photos and people speak for themselves.  Overall it was the stories of hope, resiliency and humanity that moved me to tears.  It also made me feel very connected as a New Zealander.

Tuesday was full of school work.  I decided to spend the whole day doing school work… mostly planning for Term 2… and it was so worth it!  I’m feeling quite organised now even though I still have some things to do.  Best of all I got the photocopier at school all to myself when I went in!Left_1

Mikayla and I also had a picnic with Toby.  We went out to Holdens Bay, which is one of Toby’s favourite places, and had an ice cream and a play.  Toby was extremely interested in what was in the picnic basket!!!

On Wednesday Toby and I packed up our things and headed over to my sisters’ place to spend the night with them…. I’ve got inserts to show you about our ‘Auntie Dates’ :)

You might remember that in last weeks Project Life there was an Easter card along with an invitation for each of the kids.  When I arrived I found that Reece had been waiting on the doorstep for 2 HOURS because “Auntie’s going to be here soon”.  We went to the rocket park for a picnic morning tea and then off to Toyworld to buy another car for his collection.

Insert Reece_1 Insert Auntie_1

We spent the rest of the afternoon at home catching up with everyone.  Toby discovered that Reece is the perfect height for kissing/licking!  He also would go around and around Reece to which Reece replied… "”It’s ok Auntie, Toby is just huggling me”… too cute for words!

Toby and I slept in the lounge and the next morning we ended up with all three kids coming in for some cuddles.

On Thursday I had two ‘Auntie Dates’… first was Leila.  She got to choose where we went for morning tea and then we went to Toyworld to buy her a belated birthday present.

For lunch it was Aidan’s turn and he got to choose where we went… he chose a pancake place in a beautiful bush setting… so relaxing and so much fun!

Insert Leila_1 Insert Aidan_1

I got some really great photos so I thought I’d do one page about each date… plus I’m sending the kids a copy of their own page… that’s got to get me some Auntie points!!

Here’s the rest of my week:Right_1

I got to drop off and pick up Reece from kindy which was very cool… love how excited he was to see me!  Miss Leila had a bit of a tantrum when we got home from town because she wanted to do her bag straight away!!  It was too good of a photo opportunity to miss!  She sent me a photo of her finished bag the next day and it looks awesome!

I had a night class on Thursday when I got home and we made some really lovely cards with a checkerboard pattern and then the following day Nina came to visit.  She wanted to cut out some leaves from an old shirt.  Clearly I was being a bit too careful with the fabric because she turned to me and said “It’s a BIG shirt… you don’t have to be stingy with it!  LOL

I also got some of my kids artwork mounted and labelled along with cutting out heaps of moose and camels to finish them off… very eye catching!  Now they just need to go up on the classroom wall.

Here’s my creativity for the week:Creativity_1

Since Friday was the 13th I decided to cut out a wee ghost on the Cameo and then I sprinkled him with super fine glitter… love how it turned out.

It’s been a busy week full of lots of different things but that’s how I like it :)

Now for the Scrapbook Dreams sketch challenge.  This month we have a cool sketch from Page Maps for you:mar12_12x12_d

Toby, Mikayla and I go to Holdens Bay quite regularly (although never enough in Mr Toby's opinion!) and we often get lots of photos. When we went on Tuesday he found 'something' under the ramp for the wharf... we don't know what because he couldn't actually get it out which was probably a really good thing! Here's my layout about 'good smells':Good-smells_1

Our Guest Designer, Vicki, created a gorgeous layout about meeting Brenda IRL for the first time! Here's what Vicki said: Here’s my take on the sketch. That was a good one and may just have to do it again. This layout is when we met up with Brenda for the first time after being bloggy pals for quite a while. So cool when you find you still like each other IRL and not just over the computer LOL   Totally agree with you Vicki :)P4030012

So now it's your turn to create a layout using this months sketch. Upload your finished layout into the April gallery and it might be you who is our Guest Designer for June!

So there you have it… a busy week and lots of creativity!  If you’ve got the kids at home I hope you’re all enjoying yourselves.  Have a great week everyone xxx


  1. Wow you have been busy......... am loving seeing your '365' pages.

    I loved that sketch, wondered how I could use it.... then I saw Vicki's page, and thought I could absolotely use it! Just got to do it now ;)

  2. I'd say you have well and truly earnt your "auntie points" LOL. Lucky kids to have such a cool auntie. It is a great sketch to use. :)


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