Sunday, April 29, 2012

Project Life: Week 17

Hi everyone :)

Unbelievably we are almost at the end of April… how did that happen so quickly??

It’s been another eventful week in our household.  I went back to school on Monday and Toby has decided that HE DOESN’T LIKE IT!!!  He’s really kicked up a stink about being left at home this week but we’ve had some funny moments to go along with it!

Here’s an overview of my week:Full_1

When I got home on Monday there was a courier envelope on the door for me.  I couldn’t think what was in it because I hadn’t remembered what I’d ordered but it was tickets to SENZ for me and Nina.  It’s during the next school holidays and we’re super looking forward to it.  I’ve been to the last two in Auckland but didn’t bother to do any classes but this year I’ve bought a three-day pass so I’m looking forward to seeing what classes are on offer.

On Monday Toby decided that he was going to eat the sandals that I wore to school in Term 1… I think it was his attempt to keep me at home! LOL

Here’s a look at the start of the week:Left_1

On Tuesday Toby decided that he was going to eat through the bags of potting mix by the back door… talk about having a mess everywhere!

Of course it was ANZAC Day on Wednesday and I read a really wonderful book to my class called ‘Present from the Past’ by Jennifer Becks… it’s a powerful and moving story that I highly recommend.

I spent part of my day off reading a book by Lesley Pearse.  I’d never read any of her books until just the week before and in less that I week I’ve read over 1000 pages!!  I love it when you find an author you really like.

Here’s the second half of the week:Right_1

I was on a teacher course on Thursday and it was brilliant!  It’s the kind of course that is down to earth and practical which is a refreshing change.

Toby has continued to make mess after mess around the house.  I don’t know how long this ‘puppy’ stage lasts but I’m definitely over the mess!!

Mikayla had her hair cut on Friday and ended up paying $50 for it which I thought was a bit weird since it’s more than I pay at the same hairdresser.  I popped in on Saturday to enquire about the pricing and it turns out they thought she was older than she was and didn’t realise she was a student so she got a refund… that’s GOT to have earned me some ‘good Mum’ points!! LOL

I’ve had a great day today!  Loreen came over to catch up and do some scrapping.  She was busy working on her layout and said to me that her paper wasn’t sticking to her layout… turns out she’d forgotten to put on any adhesive!!! LOL

We decided to recharge our batteries over lunch and we went to Relish cafe…. we both HIGHLY recommend it!!  Fabulous food, great service and a wonderful atmosphere!  If you’re ever in Rotorua it’s worth trying out!

Here’s my creative piece for the week:Creativity_1

ANZAC Day felt really important to me this year so I dedicated my creative piece to the men and women who served our country during the war…  LEST WE FORGET

‘Uncle Keith’ came over this afternoon to pick up ‘Auntie Loreen’ and Toby was super excited!  He tried to get him to play with him but Uncle Keith wasn’t interested in playing the game so Toby tried giving him ‘kisses’ without much success. 

When ‘Auntie Loreen’ got into her motorbike gear Toby was quite interested and then he rushed outside to say goodbye to them.  IMG_7378_1

So that’s been my week… lots of reading, lots of ‘Toby times’ and time spent with friends.

I hope you all have a great week xx


  1. Hey, maybe Toby needs a wee friend. ;) LOL

  2. lol at Vicki's comment. Ohhh Toby has been in to much naughtiness again..Lesley Pearse an awesome author i have a few of her books Shell. I would like to get my hands on the JB one you have just read. Senz not long away now, hopefully our tickets will be in the mail this week too. Will be great to see you and Nina cant wait for July..


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