Sunday, May 6, 2012

Project Life: Week 18 & SD May challenge

Hi everyone :)

We’re into May already and it’s been a busy week here in our household.  This weeks project life seems very full of school but that’s the way it goes sometimes I guess.

Here’s the full spread:Full_1

On Monday I taught another modelled lesson in Veronica’s class and it went pretty well.  After staff meeting that night I shot home to pick up Toby and then we went out to John and Wendy’s for dinner.

Last time we went Toby had to go and sit in the car because he kept trying to ‘hungus’ our dinner.  This time we was really quiet… a little too quiet!  While we were having dinner he was busy ripping Miss Molly’s favourite toy apart… there was stuffing everywhere!!


On Wednesday my class went to the Rotorua Museum for the Diary of Anne Frank exhibition.  If it comes to your town then I highly recommend it!  I was really surprised at how many photos they had of her plus there was even a short piece of her on video… totally amazing considering the times!

We also started our science unit this week and Santana was very focussed on working on his experiment!

We also did an instructional writing lesson using link cubes with all but one group writing really good instructions for their classmates to follow.


You might be wondering why Oscar the Grouch (from Sesame Street) is in my album… well that was me on Thursday night!  I’m not quite sure what happened but I definitely felt GROUCHY!!!  I remembered the words “if you can’t say nothing nice then you’d better say nothing at all” so I stayed off the phone, email and texting and got an early nights sleep instead! LOL

Krystal rang me last weekend and asked me over to Hamilton to see a chick flick with her… it turns out that she thought it was Mothers Day today!  We had a wonderful day together.  We went window shopping (sometimes that’s the best kind!) although she did buy a sofa set and got herself a great bargain!  We took Toby to his favourite dog park… went to the food hall for lunch… and she did her groceries.

She also gave me a gorgeous new bag and some chocolates… the chocolates are all gone now but the bag will be with me for a long time… it’s very ME!  We spent the afternoon playing play station together which was more cool than it sounds and then we went to the movies.  Afterwards we had pizza at her place and then Toby and I went home.  It’s so nice to see Krystal relaxed, happy and very focussed on her future.

Here’s my little bit of creativity for the week:Creativity_1

I couldn’t resist using this gorgeous photo of Toby and his little friend Benny.  Benny is a maltese/pekingese cross.  He had a miniature tennis ball that he was fetching and Toby was very interested in what Benny was up to.

It’s actually been a pretty good week apart from Thursday night!

Now for something different.  The May challenge over at Scrapbook Dreams is anything to do with Autumn.

Our Guest Designer this month is Brenda and she’s created this gorgeous layout to share:IMG_1677

I really love all the embellishments and how they draw your eye into the photo.

This afternoon I finally got time to get my layout done and I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.  Mum took the photos last year and thankfully she’d sent them to me :)

Autumn acorns_1 copy

I’m actually feeling quite proud of myself too because all those leaves were cut out using some Cherry Lynn dies that I bought last year and hadn’t used until today.

So that’s it from me… and p.s. thanks for the emails about my ‘missing’ Log your Memory’ post on Wednesday.  I’ve got it done now so I’ll do a double post this week :)

Have a great week everyone xx


  1. Very cool Shell - still can't imagine you as Oscar the Grouch - that's more my style - ha ha LOL.

  2. A pretty full week and love seeing your school photos. I thought Mothers Day was supposed to be today too. LOL. Love the autumn layouts and got the challenge on my list of things to do. :)


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