Sunday, May 20, 2012

Just to let you know…

Hi everyone :)

This week has been very full of dramas in my house… the car blew it’s head gasket so no transport for four days… the cuttlebug decided to have a hissy fit and not work… and I’ve spent 6 hours at school today and didn’t get very much done… plus I didn’t get my Project Life photos printed in time :(

I’ve never been late in posting my Project Life week on my blog and it’s bothering me… as in it’s REALLY bothering me!  I’m feeling a bit deflated tonight but I know that I’ll be able to get the photos all printed off tomorrow and into their album.

In the scheme of things it’s probably not such a big deal… but tonight it FEELS like it is.

I’ll definitely be back tomorrow with a Project Life update.  xx

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  1. Sending you big hugs Petal (even though that doesn't help much)xoxo


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