Sunday, May 13, 2012

Project Life: Week 19

Hi everyone :)

Gosh this week seems to have rolled around extra quick!  Maybe it’s because things have been so busy at school!

Here’s my full spread for the week:Full_1

I had quite a ‘flat’ day on Monday… really wasn’t feeling so good but my ‘Tobyloby’ made sure he gave Mumma lots of cuddles :)

On Tuesday and Wednesday we had ‘student-led conferences’ at school.  They’re an alternative to parent/teacher interviews and totally involve the children which means that they feel really in control of their own learning… a happy ‘upside’ to them is that we get a lot more parents coming!

Here’s the left side of this week:Left_1

We’ve been doing some great reading projects in Room 4 plus on Wednesday I ran a card making session during lunch time and it went really well.

The other night I was watching Animal Rescue and Mr Toby heard some little kittens crying.  He got up off the sofa and tried to find the kittens which of course were on the TV.  We ended up with a lovely Toby ‘nose print’ in the screen which was very cute!

I’ve also been looking at some cool stuff on Pinterest.  There are so many ideas to get those creative juices flowing… plus I’ve seen some neat things for school on there too.

Here’s the second half of this week:Right_1

On Thursday I went up to the dairy after school and while I was in there I heard a cry for help.  An elderly man had been bitten by a dog and everyone was ‘flapping’ around.  I’m not sure how it happened but I found myself calmly talking to the man (turns out his name was Vincent), asked him for a hankie and then held it on the wound until the police and ambulance officers arrived.  He went off to the hospital for a tetanus shot and some stitches but was later sent home.  Yay for me watching those medical programmes because the ambulance officers were most impressed with what I’d done and all the things I’d observed while we were waiting for them to arrive… pulse rate, sweating etc

We’ve also been doing lots of science in Room 4 and the kids are loving the ‘hands on’ approach I’m taking with all the experiments… turns out they LOVE science!

Last night I saw the movie ‘The Vow’ and it had an enormous impact on me… I usually find it quite difficult to cry but after the movie the ‘flood gates’ really opened and I ended up having a real ‘heart/soul cry’.  GREAT movie and I do feel a lot better for letting it all out of my system.

Of course the weekend has finished with it being Mothers’ Day and I’ve felt quite spoilt.  I had a wonderful early Mothers Day with Krystal last weekend and then today I got cards from both Mikayla and Toby along with a gift box of my favourite Ferrero Rocher chocolates!

The cards are too good not to share so here they are:

IMG_7547_1     IMG_7549_1

On the inside Mikayla’s card (the stork one) reads: Sorry, No Refunds!

Toby’s reads: … but I sure came closer than those other misfits I call siblings.

CLASSIC!!!  Loved both of them :)

I ended up using some of the Ferrero Rocher packaging on my creative card this week:Creativity_1

The doodled cork background is one I made using Photoshop and I quite like how it turned out.

So that’s my week… tonight I think it might be time to put my feet up in front of the fire and watch some TV LOL

I hope you all have had a great weekend and if you’re a Mum… Happy Mothers’ Day! xx


  1. Another busy week for you Shell! Loads of brownie points for your good deed! Proud of you!
    I love Pintrest too - there are some very creative people out there and so much inspiration. Have a good week this week too. xoxo

  2. As always Shell you are inspiring - I truly don't know where you get all your energy from. And you know as for that someone special - he is and that's why he is taking so long to appear - I am sure he will be worth the wait - because you my friend deserve the very best :)

  3. Another eventful week for you. Wish I had half your energy. :) Must admit I am addicted to Pinterest too - its amazing whats on there. Have a good week.


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