Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Log your Memory and some tags :)

Hi everyone :)

I’m playing the ‘catch up’ game again this week with two layouts for Log your Memory.  June is the month of Transportation prompts and I don’t quite seem to have the ‘right’ photos so I’ve been doing a bit of hunting on the internet to help me out.

Week 23: Maps and Directions

One of the prompts this week asked if you needed maps or directions to get around town.  In general my answer would be no as I tend to go to the same places day after day.  However if you asked me to find my way to a specific place I’d need to check out the maps in the front of my local phone book.Week 23

Most days I’ll start off at home and go straight to work (bottom star to top star on the map).  It’s only a 5-6 minute drive which is very handy.  If I need something from the dairy there’s one on the way (middle star) plus there’s a handy butchery, chemist and produce store there as well.

I go the the public library around once a week, buy my groceries at Pak’n’Save and then if there’s anything else I need there’s  Central Mall which is home to The Warehouse, Take Note, Warehouse Stationery and Number One Shoes as well as loads of other shops.

As I said in my journaling, I’m a ‘creature of habit’… but it works for me :)

Week 24: Petrol Costs

Let’s face it… petrol has become quite expensive.  For some the costs are just getting too high and I know a few people who own bigger cars that have either sold them for something more economical to run or they now walk/bike more than they used to.

Krystal walks everywhere in Hamilton… she even finds it quicker (and cheaper) than using the buses in general… although she does love it when family goes over to visit and she can get rides to the supermarket to do a bigger grocery shop than normal LOLWeek 24

For me, I’ve gotten over it.  If I want to go and visit Krystal or Mum I just tend to do it and then save money in other areas of my budget. 

Getting to and from work each day doesn’t drop my petrol tank by very much which means that I’m able to do trips to Tauranga or Hamilton when I want to.

The one thing that HAS changed is that I pay more attention to those little petrol vouchers you get at the supermarket.   In fact a couple of weeks ago Mikayla and I did a BIG grocery purchase and got a massive 30 cents per litre off petrol!!!  Now that’s got to be good!

So that’s my Log your Memory all updated again!

Now for something different… at Scrapbook Dreams we’re celebrating our 4th birthday and we’ve got ‘Birthday Activities’ you can participate in.  This weeks activity is to make a series of 4 themed tags using any theme you like.  You can see all the details HERE.

I decided to do my tags around the theme of London buses and here’s what I came up with:IMG_0175_1

I started by cutting black tags and ‘Admit One’ tags from the MME range.  Then I used some Tattered Angels Chalkboard glimmer mists (Chalk & Decadence) on the backgrounds.  You can’t see it but they’ve got a nice bit of sparkle on them. 

Next I stamped with some white paint to put the swirly designs on.  The subway art and bus photos are all from the internet and I cut and ripped them before adhering them. 

I actually printed each bus twice and cut just the bus out of the second print which is popped up with foam squares for a bit of dimension.

The creamy text ribbon is from Graphic 45 and the pearls are some I’ve had in my stash for ages.  I almost forgot about the lace… that was ‘borrowed’ from Mum’s stash… I’m sure she won’t have missed it LOL

Here’s a close up of each tag:

IMG_0176_1 IMG_0177_1 IMG_0178_1 IMG_0179_1

If you click on the photos they’ll come up bigger :)

So that’s all from me… I hope you have a wonderful week and I’ll see you back here later xx

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  1. Looking great Shell. I don't really worry about the petrol as I figure its one of the necessities in life but we do use the supermarket vouchers. Have never had a 30c one yet! :)


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