Sunday, June 17, 2012

Project Life has been delayed

Hi everyone :)

Yesterday I was super organised and got most of my Project Life photos chosen and printed off for the week… then today I headed over to Loreen’s and thought I might be back in the early afternoon… ahh nope!  I only got home a little while ago.

Having said that, I’ve had a wonderful day catching up with my friend… getting things organised for her mid-winter Christmas which is going to be fabulous!!  We also went out for lunch… totally yummy!… and we did a spot of shopping as well!

The sun was still shining when I packed up my stuff and Mr Onyx decided that he’d like to check out Toby’s car!

Here’s the wee stowaway… doesn’t he look proud of himself!!!Stowaway

Of course Toby couldn’t let Onyx have all the limelight so he hopped in the car with him!the-boys

So now I’m back home but it’s too late to get decent photos of my pages so I’ll be back tomorrow with a proper update.

Enjoy your Sunday night everyone xxx

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