Monday, June 18, 2012

Project Life: Week 24

Hi everyone :)

It’s been a particularly cold day here in Rotorua and for some reason the boiler at school wasn’t working properly so my classroom has been like an ice box all day!  I’ve actually managed to get some photos of my Project Life pages for this week… although I’m not too happy with how the photos turned out… it’s one of the ‘joys’ of short daylight hours I guess :(

Here’s a look at the full week:Full_1

The week actually started off with some great creativity!  I was making tags for one of the birthday activities at Scrapbook Dreams.  I’m super happy with how they all turned out.  We also started the week with the lounge looking more like a laundrette… another of the ‘joys’ of winter.

Tuesday morning was so cold that my car completely frosted up.  Toby was determined to hop in the car… and quite frankly it was easier to let him sit in it while I defrosted the windows.  He wasn’t such a happy boy when I left him behind and went to work though!

Here’s a closer look at the start of my week:Left_1

I got a few photos of my classroom… the Arbor Day artwork… the classroom at the end of the day… and our next big project which is going to be a HUGE water cycle diagram on the wall.  The kids have been busy painting and so far we’ve got the mountain and the sun on the wall… it’s a work in progress!

Of course there was also the final of Masterchef which had me gripping my seat.  Mum and I were watching it in our respective homes… texting each other and trying to pick the winner.  Well done to Chelsea who cooked really well on the day!

Here’s the second half of my week:Right_1

On Thursday’s I’m the hockey coach for our senior sports afternoon.  Thankfully I actually know how to play as my sisters’ and I all played hockey right through to high school level.  I gave my camera to one of the kids and asked her to take some photos and she did!  86 photos in about 20 minutes!!!  Mum would be proud of her!  Along with some great hockey photos there were also some of the kids pulling faces and being silly so I decided to include them in this weeks pages.

On Saturday morning Mr Toby managed to get an old pillow and within a few minutes we had ‘snow’ all over the lounge!  It’s amazing how much fluff is inside a pillow!  Here’s what my lounge looked like by the time he was finished:IMG_0325_1

Toby wasn’t too happy when I started cleaning up after him either!  He kept trying to steal the fluff off me and ‘save’ it from the fire!

On Sunday I headed over to Loreen’s to help her put up a Christmas tree for her mid-winter Christmas party which is in another two weeks.  We had a great time getting out all the ornaments and arranging them on the tree… of course I took photos but you can’t see the decorated tree just yet!

After going out for lunch we took Toby to Pilot Bay for a bit of a walk around which he totally loved… it also turns out that Loreen takes a pretty good photo!  It’s not often that I manage to get photos with both me and Toby in them. 

When it came time for us to leave Mr Onyx decided to hop into the car.  He jumped straight onto the drivers seat and I was sure he’d come back out that way too… but NO… he actually climbed through to the back seat!  Toby’s never done that before and he was quite impressed!!!  Then Onyx decided that he wasn’t getting out so out came the camera again LOL

Here’s my creativity for the week:Creativity_1

I enjoyed making my tags using the London Bus photos so much that I had another one printed a bit smaller and used it on my card.  I kept the embellishments all the same too and love how it turned out.  I’m not quite over the whole London Bus thing yet so you may see more of them yet LOL

So that’s Week 24 done… hard to believe that we’re almost half way through 2012 already.  I’m really loving documenting my year this way… I’ll definitely be doing the entire year!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a great week xx

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