Sunday, July 22, 2012

Project Life: Week 29

Hi everyone :)

Well it’s been a hell of a week!  Without going into any details (due to confidentiality) there has been some MAJOR negative stuff going on at school and it’s had a big impact.  This weekend I decided to be kind to myself and I’m now feeling a bit more like a Domestic Goddess than a frazzled teacher so all’s well that ends well.

Here’s an overview of the week:Full_1

You might find that the photos this week aren’t quite as good as normal… the place where I usually print them got backed up with lots of other photos so I couldn’t get mine printed.  I went to two other places who also said I’d have to wait for tomorrow so in the end I printed my own on glossy photo paper – I usually do matte prints – and the printer cropped everything just a bit.

On Monday it was pouring with rain and poor Toby wasn’t looking forward to going outside – nope he still won’t use his Toby house!  In the end he came with me and stayed in the car until lunchtime and then I brought him home, put him in the bedroom end of the house and gave him a rolled up newspaper to rip apart.  The best part was that it was super easy to clean up and he was so busy with the newspaper that he didn’t have time to get into any mischief!!

Here’s a look at the first part of the week:Left_1

Toby and Brandy have been learning about ‘sharing’ this week.  Brandy has been ‘stealing’ Toby’s biscuits for a while now but on Tuesday I ran out of puppy meat for Toby so I used a cat casserole instead… the gravy went down all over his biscuits and he devoured the whole lot!  They’ve also been learning to share the space in front of the fireplace.  So long as they don’t actually touch each other they’re both fine LOL

The boiler broke down at school early in the week too… and my classroom was really, really cold!  Luckily it got fixed the following day!  I also went on a Professional Development course focussing on maths assessment and moderation.  It was actually really interesting and I learnt quite a lot.

Here’s a look at the second part of my week:Right_1

While there’s been some ‘challenges’ at school I’ve also had some ‘challenges’ at home… mostly in the form of a nearly 18-year-old daughter.  A few months ago we agreed that she’d do the cooking and I’d do all the dishes… but it’s not working out.  She often cooks dinner at 8.30 – 9.30 at night by which time I’m actually not hungry anymore… plus she also makes a HUGE mess in the kitchen and doesn’t believe in rinsing anything so I’ve taken my kitchen back!

I love those photos of Toby and Mikayla in the top right pocket!  Here’s a better view of them:The toby talk

I found the ‘before you speak’ quote on Pinterest yesterday and decided that it was exactly what was needed in my album.  After ‘titivating’ it up a bit I quite liked how it turned out.  The wee puppy chewing on the camera is also a Pinterest find!

‘Mr Nobody’ broke my drier a few months ago and I’ve been struggling to get enough fine days lately to get my washing done so today I went down to the new launderette near my house and used theirs.  It was so GOOD!!!  I got all my washing dried in 32 minutes (for a cost of $10)… if I’d done it all in my own drier it would have taken about 8 hours (and probably cost me more than $10 in power!)

I’ve also been baking… yummy carrot cupcakes with cream cheese icing and some vanilla ones that I’m going to ice tonight once I decide on what colour to do them.

For my creative piece this week I’ve dusted off one of my Magnolia stamps:Creativity_1

I coloured her in using my Distress markers and a water brush and love how she turned out.

So that’s my week… I’m glad it’s over and that I’m now feeling much more like myself.

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead xx


  1. So glad you've been kind to yourself this weekend Shell and are feeling much better - roll on next weekend - I am sure we will find a thing or two to laugh about - have a great week my dear friend :)

  2. The things we do for our pets LOL. Love hearing about Tobys adventures and must say Brody would well and truly be in the dogbox if he did that to my camera too. Glad you reclaimed your kitchen - that would drive me nuts too. :)

  3. Isn't it just CRAP when you can't control the biggest stresses of the time!!! Good on you for being kind to yourself Shell, you deserve it!

    Another great addition to your PL album. xoxo


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