Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Log your Memory: Week 30

Hi everyone :)

This weeks prompt for Log your Memory is all about cookbooks.  I knew instantly that this was an opportunity to do a layout about a ‘NZ institution’… the Edmonds Cookbook.

I remember learning to bake using this cookbook along with Mum’s high school recipe book which had some yummy recipes in it as well.

I’ve grown up eating butterfly cakes, Anzac biscuits and Mum’s, all too often, banana cake every time we didn’t eat the bananas before they went brown!

My own girls learnt to bake using the Edmonds Cookbook and it’s been REALLY well loved!  Today it’s covered with spills and splatters… the front cover is completely missing… and some of the writing has been almost obliterated.  There’s hand written notes in our cookbook and it holds so many memories of rainy afternoons and fudge making sessions in the winter evenings.

Here’s my page for this week:Week 30

One of the things I remember clearly about this cookbook was all the times Krystal wanted to bake.  I’d shown her how to follow a recipe and measure everything and she insisted she could do it by herself (she was about 9 at the time).  I decided to let her have a go with disastrous results!  Her biscuits were horrible… but we ate them all just to prove how much we loved her.

Over the next few months we either ate, flushed or made excuses not to eat her offerings.  One time a girlfriend of mine had called around and Krystal presented us with lovely warm biscuits… but after one bite we both looked at each other in horror… they were REVOLTING!  We threw them out the window and even the birds wouldn’t touch them! 

Then I watched her baking one day and realised that she was interchanging liquid and dry measurements.  250g of flour is NOT the same as 250ml of flour!  As soon as I realised what she was doing I showed her the weights and measurements section and away she went… yummy baking ever since!

I’ll never part with my Edmonds Cookbook now… it holds too many memories of good times (and bad)!

Do you have a cookbook that tells a story? 

I hope you’re all having a great week and wish you ‘happy baking’ xxx


  1. Now thats a much loved Edmonds cookbook - I think I am onto my second one after the first totally disintegrated. We always loved the kids cookbook made from the weekly recipes that were in the papers and still use them today. My latest favourite though is the Recipes+ magazine - good value for $4 a month.

  2. What a great layout for this prompt Shell!! I think most New Zealanders will identify with this - I know i do! xoxo

  3. Great documenting Shell and Ohhh far too precious memories in here to be biffed for sure..

  4. Hey Shell - Carrot Cupcakes sound really nice to go with my coffee tomorrow night - hint hint :)


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