Sunday, October 14, 2012

Project Life: Week 41

Hi everyone :)

Well it’s certainly been a full-on week… actually it’s hard to believe that this time last week we were just getting home from the retreat!

I’ve had a bit of a drama with my photos today.  I had them all ready to go… loaded on my memory stick… BUT Mark is off sick and nobody else knows how to work the machines!  I know Mark must really be sick because he NEVER takes a sick day. 

So I came home and printed my own photos… nope they were absolutely terrible!!!  So I did the next best thing and apart from the ‘rounded corners’ I’m super happy with it.  What I actually ended up doing was down-loading Becky Higgins digital template from Jessica Sprague’s website (it was $1.99 US) and loaded my photos into it.  I wish I’d thought of doing that over winter when it was really difficult to get my photos due to poor lighting!

Anyway here’s my full week spread:Full digital_1

On Monday I was pretty tired and Mr Toby decided that curling up with Mumma in front of the fire was the thing to do!  He was super cute after me being away for the weekend.  I definitely had a shadow because each time I moved Toby was right there behind me!

Toby has also decided that everything Mikayla has he must have too!  If she has a frozen L&P then he wants some… if she has juice he wants some… and if she has an ice block then he wants some… although he wasn’t too sure about the grapefruit flavour!

Here’s the first half of my week:Left digital copy_1

Krystal has always been competitive but now it turns out that Mikayla has a competitive streak in her too!  This week they both went to the ‘Checkout Operator of the Year’ Regional heats.  Krystal did hers in Hamilton and Mikayla did hers in Tauranga.  They had both independently told me that they didn’t care where they came so long as they beat the other one.   End results: Krystal scored 48 seconds and Mikayla got 47 seconds!  As far as Toby and I are concerned we’re calling it a TIE!!!

On Wednesday a couple of teachers and I got together at my place for a planning session for Term 4 (which starts tomorrow) and Susan brought along morning tea with her.  Somehow it made doing school work a little easier!

Mum also had a trip up to see Auntie Daphne early this week and she got the chance to see her new ‘Dental Therapy Clinic’.  It’s been purpose built and it’s a bit flash really.  Mum was hoping to get a photo of Auntie Daphne working on someone but that wasn’t going to happen so next minute Mum was in the chair herself to get a photo LOL  (Next time that happens Auntie Daphne should give Mum a filling with no anaesthetic!)  Oops… did I say that out loud??

Quickly moving along to the second half of the week:Right digital copy_1

Our HRV man came on Thursday to change the filter.  We’ve had the HRV installed for two years now and I was gob-smacked at how dirty the filter was!  Apparently a lot of that is because we have a wood fire in the house.  One thing I do know is that thanks to the HRV the house is certainly warmer and drier in winter and we don’t have any condensation at all… good stuff!

My nephew (Aidan) had his 10th birthday back in July but he was having a celebration with his mates this year so we didn’t get together as a family.  Since then we’ve tried to get together a few times and it just hasn’t happened so I decided to take the risk and send him his present on the courier.  Thankfully my sister had the camera ready and now Aidan is very happy with his own personal subway art!

Here’s a close up of how it turned out:Subway art copy

It’s filled with all the things Aidan says on a pretty regular basis.  Thankfully the courier was pretty gentle with it and it arrived with all the glass in the frame intact so both Aidan and Auntie were pretty happy :)

Yesterday Toby was asleep on the sofa… all curled up and looking cute… and then when I turned back he was completely stretched out… I have no idea how that could have been comfortable but he stayed in that position sound asleep for over two hours!

Today it was time for another nail trimming session.  Up until now I’ve been taking Toby to the vets for his toe nails and he HATES it.  He growls… he cries… he whimpers… and last time he peed himself!!!  A friend of mine had told me that the ladies down at Barkers Corner did toe nails so I gave them a call and in we went. 

Kelly spoke to him really gently and kept telling him what a good boy he was but he still wasn’t keen so I ‘cuddled’ him while Kelly did the business and apart from one tiny little growl it was all good… to crying… no whimpering and he didn’t pee himself!  The bonus for me was that it only cost $5 instead of the vets charge of $20 so buying a few treats was ok with me.

He actually chose his own bone to chew on… and he’s been chewing on it solidly for a good two hours now!  Mind due look at the size of it!!


I’ve been feeling a bit artsy today so I made my little creative card using some Tim Holtz resist paper and some inks and sprays.  I also cut an umbrella man from felt and added a Tim Holtz word band to complete… love how it turned out!  IRL the blue on the background has a bit of a sparkle to it.


So that’s it from me… we’ve had a busy day today with Toby and then we went to the laundrette and dried SIX LOADS of washing… my washing machine is a 9kg one so there was heaps of laundry to do!

It’s back to school tomorrow so I’d better go and make sure I’ve got everything prepared.  I hope you all have a great week and take care xx


  1. Thats a fab week. Love Tobys antics and yes the nail thing is rather familiar too. LOL. The subway art is very cool. :)

  2. Fantastic post, I really look forward to updates from you.


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