Sunday, October 21, 2012

Project Life: Week 42

Hi everyone :)

Can you believe that it’s Week 42??  When I wrote that I suddenly realised that there’s only 10 more weeks of the year left… how on earth did it go by so quickly??

It’s been a busy week here with the start of Term 4 and over the next few weeks you’re likely to see a lot of ‘elephant’ stuff because that’s our new topic of study.

Here’s an overview of my week:Full_1

This week also signals a slight change in my life because I no longer have any ‘kids’!  Mikayla celebrated her 18th birthday on Friday which means that I’m now the mother of two adults… any Toby of course LOL

This term I’m working with two teachers from different levels… Susan teaches a new entrant class and Veronica teaches Year 3 and 4.  We’re all working on the topic of elephants but we’ll also be mixing with each class a couple of times a week.

This week we all got together in my room to watch an elephant documentary on the smart board… I LOVE having a big screen in my room.

There were lots of great moments but one of the little girls from Susan’s class was totally taken by the baby elephant ‘playing’ with his trunk and by Friday she was still talking about it!

Here’s a very short clip from the documentary so you can see why she is just enthralled with the baby elephant:

The juniors favourite moment from our elephant documentary.

If you’re anything like we were you’re probably having a bit of a giggle over that one!

So onto the first part of my week:Left_1

During the introduction to elephants I’ve been showing my class lots of different photos and they’ve discovered the work of Nick Brandt… talk about an AMAZING photographer!

In other school news our class hosted the school assembly this week and the kids were getting really nervous as the week went on so I gave them the opportunity to be silly for a photo… they loved it AND they were super good for the rest of the day!

Our cricket team also went to a mini tournament and came home with a trophy!  Two of the boys are in my class and when they got back Sonny said to me: “Whaea we brought home the BACON!”

I’ve had a couple of orders arrive this week from overseas and it’s been a bit like Christmas here… love it when new stuff arrives.

Mikayla also made her own birthday cake to take to tech.  She really wanted to make chocolate ganache and she was very pleased with how it turned out.

Here’s the rest of my week:Right_1 Friday was a super busy day and it all started when Mum phoned Mikayla to say Happy Birthday.  Actually she had to ring twice because Mikayla didn’t answer the phone in time!

Mikayla was still half asleep when she opened up her present from me and Toby… a sewing basket that she’s been coveting for quite some time!

After school Toby and I had to go out to see ‘Uncle John’ because his computer wasn’t working quite right and Toby was extremely interested in all the garden smells because Uncle John and Auntie Wendy have been busy planting.

When we got home Mikayla had a present all wrapped up on the table that she wanted me to photograph as she unwrapped it.  Toby couldn’t resist getting his face inside the parcel for a sneak peek… and then it turned out Mikayla had actually bought herself an i-phone and wrapped it up!

Mikayla didn’t want to go out so we had KFC for dinner so I feel like I got off lightly there!

Yesterday was a stunning day and I actually managed to hang out the washing myself… my back is improving really well now!  Toby loved the sunshine but he was NOT about to let me hang his blanket on the line to dry!

He also thought that Auntie Nina should share her sushi lunch with him… he knows better than to try and hungus of me LOL  In the end he got a couple of dog biscuits which he was happy with.

Here’s my creativity for the week… Creativity_1

I used one of the kids favourite Nick Brandt photo and printed it twice.  Then I cut one out and popped it up with foam to make it stand out.  It’s a really stunning photo to work with.

So that’s my week… lots of elephants and NO ‘kids’ anymore. 

I hope you’re all enjoying the long weekend… it’s so nice to have more time to get creative! xx

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  1. Hadn't really given it a thought about being week 42 and only 10 left of the year!! LOL. Love the comment about bringing home the bacon. LOL


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