Sunday, November 11, 2012

Project Life: Week 45 and some layouts!

Hi everyone :)

I’m having one of those really awesome weekends where everything goes according to plan and things just fall into place like you want them to.  It really does make you feel good!

There’s lots to see this week so let’s start.Full_1

I HAD to include some of the great photos I got of Toby last Sunday… technically not this week but close enough!  He was in such a playful mood.

We’re still testing at school… I had 100% attendance on Monday so I decided to do my writing assessment while everyone was at school.  The kids were so busy they didn’t even notice me taking photos.

Here’s a closer look at the start of the week:Left_1

We also got our Room 4 art done.  It’s a lot like the art I’m doing with the younger children except that my class also did some stencilling.  With me being so busy doing individual maths testing on each child I was wondering how I could get the art done but there’s always an answer to a tricky problem!

One of the boys in my class is absolutely art mad and he’s a fantastic artist so I showed him the technique and then got him to teach each person as they had their turn.  He did a great job and I actually overheard one of the kids say… “Santana should be an art teacher when he grows up!”  They thoroughly enjoyed it and our art looks amazing on the wall!

As for the ‘banana shot’… that one was taken by one of my boys when I let him use my camera.  He took 65 photos in a very short amount of time but when I saw the banana photo I really did crack up laughing!

Here’s a closer look at the second half of the week:Right_1

One of my night class groups has been making Christmas cards over the past few weeks and this week we actually used the same Christmas tree for two different looks… one modern and one vintage.  Love how they turned out!

We’ve had our last session of elephant art rotations this week and the kids have developed some really good relationships with each other… which is of course what we were hoping for!

Miss Brandy doesn’t often get into Project Life but this week she was busy sunning herself in the patio area and it was too good of an opportunity to miss.

Last week Sheree sent me an awesome mini album she’d made for me.  She made a limited edition of three copies… one for herself, one for Loreen and one for me.  It’s to put all our Halloween photos in and the detail in the mini album is absolutely stunning!  I’m super thrilled with it and now I’ll have to decide which photos to include.

While we’re on the subject of layouts… I completed THREE DOUBLE LAYOUTS today!!!  They’re for a Sunday class and I’m super thrilled with the results!

Here’s my piece of creativity for the week:Creativity_1

I used some of the left overs from my layouts to create a little card to celebrate the fact that all my washing is done and we’re had a wonderful weekend here in Rotorua… super simple!

Now for the layouts… these are for a Sunday class that I’ll be running… I’ve just got to figure out when I can do it!

All three layouts are made using a Simple Stories 6 x 6 pad and 12 x 12 sticker sheet along with some cardstock.

The first layout I made was all about my niece Kody and her lamb Rascal.  They entered into her school Agricultural day and did really well.  The final result: Junior Reserve Champion!

Kody and rascal_1 copy

The second layout is all about my boy… I know he’s in Project Life lots but actually I haven’t done a layout of him for a while.  This layout was done using photos from our visit to Holdens Bay last weekend. 

waterboy_1 copy

The final layout in the set is all about Krystal and Chris.  A couple of months ago they celebrated their third anniversary (time has gone FAST!)  Instead of buying each other gifts each year these two plan an event… something they can do together to have fun and relax.

This year they planned a weekend away to Auckland and spent an entire day at Rainbows End.  Krystal took over 150 photos over the weekend!  Luckily for me she gave me a copy so I made a layout about their day at Rainbows End.

Krystal and Chris_1 copy

Even though I’ve stuck to just one paper collection I love that the layouts all look really different from each other.  It was also great doing double layouts with lots of photos for a change.

So that’s it from me… I hope you all have had a good weekend as well and that things are running smoothly for you xxx

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  1. It sure has been an awesome weekend here too. Had to laugh at the banana photo and love your doubles. Go you. :)


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