Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December Daily: Dec 17

Hi everyone :)

There are some naughty elves out there!  Remember me saying that we had a beautiful sunset while we were eating dinner on the patio?  Well after dinner I did a couple of loads of washing to put on the line since “Red sky at night, shepherds delight”… well it we had really low cloud and showers all day!  No washing got dried!  I’m thinking that some of those elves must have gotten out their paint brushes to see how many people they could catch out… score 1 for the elves! LOL

The boys and I had a wonderful morning together threading popcorn garlands and listening to Boney M’s Christmas CD… actually I did all the threading while Dougal fed Toby with popcorn!

Here’s my journaling:Dec 17 journal copy_1

Last night Dougal was very quiet… you always know when he’s up to mischief!  Next thing I know Boney M is playing again and Toby came running inside looking for some more popcorn while Dougal laughed himself silly!

It’s actually a great CD for Christmas and if you want to get the CD here’s a LINK to buy your own copy.  This is what the cover looks like:29942-l

We spent a very creative afternoon and now Toby’s presents for his grandparents are done!   Mum and I were talking on the phone and she asked me to send her a photo of what Toby had made… yeah right!  Then she said “Well send me a photo of what he made his Grandad”… she already knew that she and my dad were getting exactly the same thing… SNEAKY!!  You’re just going to have to wait for Christmas Day Mum!

I also got my December ATC’s (Artist Trading Cards) done and dusted plus I did some more on the project I’m doing with Krystal for Christmas.

Here’s my photo page:Dec 17 photos copy_1

Ever since I started watching Nigella cooking I’ve coveted her mortar and pestle.  I did actually buy myself a small ceramic one but you can’t ‘pound’ it because it will probably break! 

While I was in Steven’s I spotted the mother of all mortar and pestles… it’s BIG… it’s HEAVY… and it’s all mine now! LOL  I’m really looking forward to making my pesto in it. 

I’m a bit of an ‘enabler’ today because I’ve actually found a link to the sale online just in case you don’t have a Steven’s store near you.  You can check out the sale HERE.

A big hello to Mary-Lou in Canada too!  Thanks so much for your comments.  Unfortunately Dougal doesn’t have a passport but his cousin (who looks just like him) does!  I’m sure he’d love to share a white Christmas with you :)

My week is off to a great start and I’m getting excited about Christmas… I’d better go… Dougal is trying to climb up the Christmas tree!

Have a great day everyone xx

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