Monday, December 17, 2012

December Daily: Dec 16

Hi everyone :)

I had quite a talk with Mikayla yesterday and basically gave her an ultimatum of ‘shape up or ship out’… I’ve never done that before but it’s time!  She must have realised that I was really serious because she actually got some things done.  The next two weeks will determine whether she stays or goes so the ball is in her court now.

Here’s my journaling page:Dec 16 journal copy_1

Nina came over after I got back from doing the groceries and we got the front cover of her book finished.  It’s a pretty amazing project and she’s done a fantastic job on it!  There’s been hours and hours of time and attention devoted to it but it’s going to be a real treasure for the recipient!

She also brought her elf over… the poor boy still hasn’t got a name!  He HAS got the most adorable face though!  Toby was really not keen on him but Dougal thought he was wonderful and he took him out to ‘his’ kennel for some ‘getting to know each other’ time.  They sat and chatted quite happily.

Here’s my photo page:Dec 16 photos copy_1

My lounge looked really great after Mikayla had taken all her stuff out of it and I took the opportunity to move all the sofas and table and give it a really good vacuum… the carpet feels fantastic now!

A friend came over last night and we sat outside on the patio to eat our dinner.  Since all the benches were clear I was able to actually do some real cooking so we had cranberry glazed chicken, potato and kumara salad, Greek salad, garlic bread and corn on the cob.  It was lovely and warm outside and we were lucky enough to have the most beautiful sunset.  It definitely was a good end to the day.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful Monday xx


  1. Bet that was a tough conversation to have. Don't think we are quite there yet but once she finishes Polytech next year it could be a whole different story. Love Dougals wee friend - they do have gorgeous faces. :)

  2. I enjoy your blog and the Christmas daily is so much fun. Does Dougal have a passport, would love for him to visit Canada. Tough talk, good for you to set the boundary.


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