Thursday, December 6, 2012

December Daily: Dec 6

Hi everyone :)

You know how sometimes everything seems to be going so well and then you look up and realise those gorgeous waves you were looking at a few minutes ago now seem to look more like tidal waves that are about to bowl you over and knock the wind out of you?  Well that’s about how my life has been for the past couple of days.

At the moment my ‘Pollyanna attitude’ is struggling a little bit.  I’ve been putting a smile on my face and accepting what’s happening but yesterday there was another rogue wave and it caught me off guard.

When someone said to me… Did you notice ‘blah blah blah’ my stomach dropped and I just felt like saying “That’s nice”.  If you’re a fan of Mrs Brown’s Boys you’ll know exactly what I mean by that little statement LOL

Here my journaling:Dec 5 journal copy_1

A few months ago I saw a quote online that said… For the rich there’s therapy… for the rest of us there’s chocolate!

I’m certainly not rich… and I didn’t actually feel like chocolate (strange I know!) so I did a little retail therapy and you know what?  It worked!  Now I can look at my gorgeous vintage milk cans and feel happy :)

Dec 5 photo copy_1

As for ‘my boys’, they definitely seem to be working on the theory that there’s safety in numbers!  I think Toby may be the brainchild behind it but Dougal is certainly backing him up all the way.

Check out this photo:Untitled-1

Toby’s little whisperings didn’t work… and neither did their promises of being good… Mumma isn’t quite that silly LOL 

Have a great day… and keep positive xx


  1. I love Mrs Browns Boys and so I do know exactly what "That's Nice" means!! In this instance, I can understand why Pollyanna is taking a back seat.
    As soon as I saw the photo of Toby and Dougal I though - "Ms Honig's Boys", lol.
    That's good then! xoxo

  2. Love your milk cans and what a great price. Hope your next few days are smoother sailing and that you continue to look on the bright side. :)

  3. Ikwym re the Tidal wave.. It shouldnt be that way..So onwards and upwards. Its good you have Toby and Dougal to keep you amused.. I Love your milk cans, amazing what a wee bit of shopping can do aye.. Wahoo for Mrs Brown, did you watch it tonight, feckin funny...


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