Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December Daily: Dec 4

Hi everyone :)

Well forget about hearing reindeer hoofs in the night because we had a visitor of a different species arrive at our house.  Toby has discovered hedgehogs!

He was outside doing ‘his business’ and the next moment all hell broke loose… there was barking, prancing and much excitement.  We quickly went out to investigate and discovered he’d found a wee hedgehog… actually it wasn’t so small and it had rolled itself up which Toby thought was part of a game.

Luckily we were able to get him calmed down and inside before he got a quill in his nose!

Dec 4 - journal copy_1

We’re still working on our art journals at school and they are turning out pretty amazing.  The kids are really enjoying the freedom of creating something special to remember the year.

There was also a peace offering yesterday.  Dougal must have popped into town while I was at work because when I got home there were some of Toby’s favourite treats along with an apology note all ready to give him.

Dec 4 - photos copy_1

I’m not sure how long the peace is going to last… or if Toby has completely forgiven Dougal yet but last night he actually left Dougal alone and accepted one of the treats… we’ll have to see what happens next!

Wishing you all a great day xx

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  1. Don't think Brody has come face to face with a hedgehog but my in-laws little dog always gets a bit excited (and he's not much bigger than they are LOL). He has more than one quill stuck in his nose. LOL


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