Sunday, December 9, 2012

December Daily: Dec 7

Hi everyone :)

Friday went by in the blur!  We had an 8am staff meeting that was packed with all sorts of admin stuff we all have to do for next week.

Since it was almost the end of the term… and we had five students from another class in our room… I decided to abandon our art journals for the day and have a ‘games day’.  The kids got to choose from a range of activities including the games usually kept only for rainy lunchtimes.  The kids really loved it and it also gave me an opportunity to start pulling down all our art displays and work from the walls.

At the end of the day I took the trailer home so that I could take all my paper stands down to the hall for our December crop day.  Mikayla was working until 6.30 but I did manage to bribe her into helping me by the idea of going to McDonalds for dinner!

We finally got everything done and headed down to the ‘golden arches’.  I must have looked like I was moving in because I had my laptop, camera, handbag and Dougal with me… poor Toby had to wait in the car.

Here’s my journaling page:Dec 7 journal copy_1

Dougal and I have had a talk about not teasing Toby about going inside the ‘treat place’.  Poor Toby was just about beside himself that Dougal could go in but he couldn’t! 

It was absolutely fantastic to be able to use the WIFI and update the blog, look at emails and check out the website.  Having the internet is a bit like having your world as your oyster… but when it’s not working it’s like the oyster shell is closed and you’ve only got a hair clip to open it… pretty darn frustrating!

Here’s my photo page:Dec 7 Photo copy_1

The ‘seriously good lamb burger’ was exactly that… SERIOUSLY GOOD!  Dougal quite liked the chips and seems to think the frozen fanta float was just for him… he had a rude awakening when I took it off him! LOL

Hopefully I’ll be back later on today with another December Daily update as well of Project Life :)

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