Monday, December 10, 2012

Project Life: Week 49

Hi everyone :)

I’m hoping that very, very soon I’ll be back to blogging without the need for the free WIFI… it’s a bit of a pain to tell you the truth.

Yesterday afternoon I took Mikayla, Toby and Dougal to Tauranga with me while I looked for an outfit to wear to the Year 6 leaving ceremony which happens today… but I couldn’t find anything I liked… don’t you just hate it when that happens.

We ended up going to Mum and Richard’s for the rest of the afternoon, stayed for dinner and then got back home around 9.30 so I wasn’t heading down to McDonalds then… but as the saying goes… better late than never!

Here’s my full spread for the week:Full_1

Toby discovered his first hedgehog in the garden the other night and he barked like mad!  The hedgehog wound himself up into a tight little ball which Toby thought was all part of a game… but thankfully he didn’t get so close as to get a quill in his nose.

We started our art journals on Monday.  We got out the paint and started to create our backgrounds.  The kids really enjoyed it and some of them made really amazing backgrounds!  We also had our ice block treats for finished off our elephant study so well.  We all went out and sat under a tree and relaxed together… it was a fun time that’s for sure!

Here’s a close up of the beginning of the week:Left_1

We spent a couple of days stamping onto our art journal pages and then using crayons and pastels to add a bit of detail.  The white crayons looked really awesome!

We also got our ‘friendship quilt’ on the wall.  It’s a bit sad that it’s only really going to be up for a week but the kids are super proud of all their efforts.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, there was a lot of stress and other things going on at school and it certainly gave me a bit of a ‘bah humbug’ feeling so it was pretty timely to see the perfect little card come through on the email!

When all the ‘positive attitude’ self talk wasn’t really working I did a bit of retail therapy instead and for the very small price of $15 I managed to pick up two metal milk cans that have been done in a vintage theme.  The large one is 11 inches high!  I’m going to use them to keep my wooden spoons in since the colour matches perfectly with my kitchen.

Here’s the rest of the week:Right_1

We had the ‘Mitre 10 Mega Man’ (aka Levi) come to our school this week… and he most definitely is BIG!  He talked to the kids about achieving their goals and he also told them what he eats in a day… my goodness you’d need a second mortgage just to pay the grocery bill!

On Thursday we spent some time adding ‘a little bit’ of glitter to the front covers of our art journals after the kids had stitched their bindings.  That afternoon we had a big storm and when I got home I had no internet!!  It’s been a major but it should be fixed very soon… they’ve said sometime before 3pm on the 12th so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

This weekend we had our December Crop for Scrapbook Dreams and it was a pretty good day.  Everyone was working on their own projects and chatting away quite happily.  We had a bit of fun talking about the ‘elf on a shelf’ project and quite a few of them have decided to join in next year.  Dougal made an appearance and Toby couldn’t be left out so he came down for some ‘Auntie Love’ in the evening.

I actually got something done too!  Usually I spend my whole time doing everything else and don’t actually get anything finished but this time I had my photos of my gorgeous nieces all ready to go and they’re now framed and ready to go up on the lounge wall when it gets painted.

Here’s my piece of creativity for the week:Creativity_1

Being connected to the internet is a bit like having the world right at your fingertips.  I usually take it for granted that I can look something up on Google whenever I want to but this week has been different.  You REALLY don’t know how much you use something until you can’t use it anymore.

So that’s been my week… some ups… some downs… and a few laughs and tears along the way.  As they say… That’s Life!

I hope you all have a great week and if the ‘Telecom Fairy’ is good to me then I’ll be back later with another December Daily update xx

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  1. Fingers crossed the Telecom Fairy gets her act together - couldn't imagine being without the internet at home. :). Your kids sure do some awesome artwork in your class.


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