Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Project Life: Christmas Day Insert

Hi everyone :)

It’s been so wet here today and since I had the house to myself and really wasn’t interested in going to any of the Boxing Day sales I decided to put together an insert for my Project Life pages this week.

I’m using ‘Design B’ page protectors for the insert since they gave me lots of space for photos.  I’ve got all the photo ready to print off but decided to have a go at doing a digital version to see if I liked it. 

The end result… I like that it’s easy to share on the blog but I don’t like the rounded corners and personally, I much prefer having the actual photos in their page protectors.

Here’s the front of my insert:bh-template-B - FRONT copy_1

I decided to include lots of special moments from the day although it was hard to choose just a few photos from the 200+ that we took yesterday.  I’m so pleased Mum is as ‘snap happy’ as me!

At one point yesterday my little nephew was sitting on my knee ‘huggling’ me… he’s got to be the best ‘cuddle monster’ ever!  I gave his a kiss and said… ‘Do you know that you’re one of my most favourite people in the whole world?’  He turned to me and looked deeply into my eyes with those big brown eyes of his and whispered… ‘You’re one of my favourite people too Auntie”.  Oh how my heart melted!

Here’s the back of the insert:bh-template-B - BACK copy_1

I was so pleased to get the photo of my BIL putting the stickers on the my niece’s Barbie car.  He usually avoids the camera when he can but these photos show a completely natural side to his personality.  I had to laugh when he mentioned that the car would never be able to get a warrant!

My wee niece Jess is such a hoot!  She often says ‘Look it’s YOU!’  When I was taking photos yesterday I took quite a few of her as she’s absolutely adorable and at one point she turned to me and said ‘Hey Auntie, it’s YOU!’ 

So that’s an overview of my Christmas.  It was a wonderful today and I’ve got so many wonderful memories. 

P.S. I know that I’m several layouts behind on my Log your Memory project but I’m going to be working on those over the next few days.

P.P.S. I have been asked if I’ll still be doing Project Life in 2013 and the answer is a very definite YES!  I love having the visual diary that my albums have become and it’s an important part of keeping me in a positive state of mind.

I hope you’ve all had a great day and I’ll be back tomorrow with the next December Daily instalment…  I’m just hoping that Dougal’s first full day at Grandma’s has gone well and that he’s been behaving himself!

Take care xx

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  1. Another of your great December Daily and Project Life installments. This was my first year of doing Project Life, although I have kept a chronological scrapbook of sorts in the past. It was also my first year doing a December Daily album. I am saying yes to both in 2013. Your Log Your Memory project is another inspiring source for me. Thank you! And please know that even I am not commenting, I am reading. Happy 2013 Shell.

    PS - your sister photo is one I am scrap lifting for my sister annual photo.


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