Thursday, December 27, 2012

December Daily: Dec 26

Hi everyone :)

It’s been so quiet here without Dougal around… he actually doesn’t make much noise but it definitely feels strange that he’s not here.

Toby and I took Mikayla to work today because the buses weren’t running and town was already starting to get busy and lots of the shops had Boxing Day sale signs up!  I wasn’t even tempted to try and get through the crowds to bag myself a bargain!

Toby and I spent most of the morning going through all the Christmas Day photos.  There are so many good photos and I’m looking forward to spending some time in my craft room doing some scrapbooking.

Here’s the journaling for the day:Dec 26 journal copy_1

Around lunchtime we had a friend call in so I decided to make us a nice lunch.  We had pasta stuffed with pumpkin and basil… so delicious!  I made a bit of a sauce to go with it and shaved some parmesan cheese on top.  Then I made a salad with crispy bacon and croutons and we also had some pieces of crumbed chicken sausages… it was delicious!

Katie (my sister) gave me a bottle of wine for Christmas even though she knows I don’t like it but she insisted that this one was ‘really nice’.  I think I’ve missed out on the ‘connoisseur’ gene along they way because I actually really don’t like that taste of wine. 

We opened the bottle to go with our lunch and to be honest I had two sips and just couldn’t bring myself to drink any more of it… sorry Katie!

On the positive side we did sit down and watch ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ while we were having lunch and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It’s such a great ‘chick flick’!

Here’s my photos for the day:Dec 26 photos copy_1

I was talking to Mum last night and asked how my boy was getting on.  She kept saying ‘fine’ which we all knows means that it’s not really fine!  I finally got it out of her that she’d had a bit of a scare in the afternoon because Dougal went ‘missing’.  She knew he was in the house somewhere but she just couldn’t find him.

Then Poppa went into the garage and called out to her.  It seems that on Christmas Day Dougal had seen all the left over food being put into the fridge downstairs and he decided to help himself to a little treat!

Mum caught him red-pawed!  He had an entire pavlova out of the fridge… complete with a chocolate dipped strawberry… and he was just about to dig his spoon into it!  Mum managed to whisk it away in the nick of time so crisis averted! 

He’s been reminded about the house rules and that you have to ASK before you take something out of the fridge.  I have a horrible feeling that this young lad is going to get up to more mischief but Grandma insists that he’ll be fine!

I’d better go because I’ve got heaps to do today… including going into school for a few hours.  I hope you have a wonderful day xx

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  1. Haha thats so funny cos I don't "get" the wine thing either. :) My DD stopped on Xmas Eve. LOL


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