Sunday, December 2, 2012

Project Life: Week 48 and an insert!

Hi everyone :)

Although it’s already December there’s nothing very festive happening around our place yet… we’re waiting until we finish school and polytech before we really get into the Christmas spirit.

Here’s an overview of my week:Full_1

We’ve had loads of things happening at school and there’s lots of ‘lasts’ coming along… like the fact that this week we had our ‘last’ team dinner for 2012 and on Tuesday we had our ‘last’ religious instruction class for the year.

I thought it would be cool to do something fun to celebrate the end of the school year so we’ve been making a ‘friendship quilt’ to go up on our classroom wall.  There is so much learning involved that the kids have been using lots of skills to do their individual sections.

Here’s a close up of the start of the week:Left_1

After going to Holden’s Bay for a bit of a run around Mikayla decided she’d have a swim… and Toby didn’t like it when she went out too far (even though it’s shallow) and he liked it even less when she hid under the little wharf!  After we got home Mikayla gave him a much needed bath!

We had a mini prize giving in our class this week to celebrate all the work the kids did on their elephant enclosures.  Our principal and one of the teachers viewed all the enclosures and then awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd place along with a Highly Commended so the kids were really stoked!

We had our final religious instruction class this week too and Mrs Taylor the teacher who takes the class had noticed that we’ve been studying elephants so she arrived with 60 elephant key rings that she’d bought in Thailand!  The kids were amazed that they could actually choose one to keep :)  There were lots of ‘Thank You’s’ as she headed out the door!

Here’s the second half of my week:Right_1

Our team went out for dinner on Thursday night and it’s the last time we’ll all be together for dinner as a team!  Next year Wendy and Dawn (not present) will be teaching in the middle school, Bubby will be teaching in the Maori immersion team and Ashley is leaving to go to another school so it will just be me and Glenn staying in the senior team.  Lots of changes coming but it’s going to be great!

Yesterday Mum and Richard were once again working on their gazebo.  Richard has been painting the various parts all week and then Mum bought herself a sledgehammer to bang on the heavy pegs in… although not the one she originally chose because she couldn’t even lift that one!!!

Meanwhile all the neighbours have been watching with great interest and asking them if they were building a vege garden! 

I finally got all my reports finished yesterday… we had to write four comments per child (one each for reading, writing, maths and social) and each comment box took 357 characters.  With 28 children in the class I’ve done something like 39984 characters… no wonder it took so long!

Mikayla finally found her name on a coke bottle and bought it… and I’ve got one secreted away to give her at Christmas.  I still haven’t managed to find a ‘Krystal’ one yet!!

Yesterday afternoon I got my December Daily album cover finished and Toby got to meet Dougal – the Dog on a Log!  Everyone else is doing ‘Elf on a Shelf’ but I couldn’t find an elf I liked so Toby and I are changing things to suit ourselves LOL

He’s not too keen on Dougal at the moment but you’ll have to come back tomorrow to see why!

Here’s my creativity for the week:Creativity_1

Yes those are paint colours!  I’m working out which colour I’m going to use for the feature wall in my lounge so you’re guaranteed to see some DIY in the summer holidays!

Now for the insert!  This week we finished off our elephant study so we had a joint celebration with all three classes and invited the parents to come in. 

We did a walk-through of all the classes and then finished off with a shared picnic and it was a fabulous conclusion!

Here’s the front of the insert:Insert FRONT

And here’s the reverse side with some candid photos!Insert BACK

So that’s been my week… lots of endings and lots of beginnings!  I hope you’re all enjoying the weekend and feeling relaxed xx

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  1. Wow thats a lot of comments for those reports. Bet you were glad to see that job done. Love the insert. :)


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