Monday, December 3, 2012

December Daily: Dec 2

Hi everyone :)

Well compared with Saturday I didn’t feel like I achieved much yesterday… although I did do two blog posts, get all my Project Life photos done and I also managed to fit in a one-to-one, over the phone, Photoshop tutorial with Esther

When we went down to get my photos printed off for Project Life we had to wait for a little while so we went right into the central city… I say that like it’s a BIG thing when in actual fact it’s only another two minutes to get there it’s just not somewhere I tend to go very much.

  Toby wanted to find the ‘perfect’ gift for his two sets of grandparents for Christmas and after a little bit of looking he found it… all telepathically of course since he’s not actually allowed into the stores LOL

Here’s the left side of my page:Left copy_1

Poor Toby is really not understanding WHY Dougal had to come and live with us… and he’s not liking some of the antics he gets up to at all!  Here’s an example of what Dougal is doing… you can see why he doesn’t like it!

dougal 2 copy_1

Oh well, today is a new day and maybe Dougal will be good today… you never can tell with puppies!

Have a good day everyone xx


  1. I think someones got their nose out of joint. ROFL. Have been hearing a lot about Hart of Dixie but just haven't got around to watching it. :) Have a good week.

  2. Ohhh, poor Toby - still, if he would even put a paw inside his Toby House he would face less chance of a home invasion, lol.
    Thanks again for the Photoshop Phone Lesson! I learned heaps in a short space of time - that's why you are an awesome teacher!!!!


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