Friday, January 18, 2013

Introducing Feel Good Friday

Hi everyone :)

I’m sure that lots of you feel pretty stressed and tired by Friday and you’re looking forward to the weekend.  Personally I love Friday nights because there’s two days of ‘possibilities’ available.  Of course there is the usual chores to do and some weekends seem busier than the weeks before and after them… but the idea of Feel Good Fridays is to have something beautiful to look at.

For a long time I’ve been downloading pictures of the web that have ‘spoken’ to me and they’re all sitting in a folder (actually they’re scattered over lots of different folders and needing to be sorted out!)… but then what? 

So I decided that since I’m enjoying making my own Photoshop templates so much I would make myself some ‘visual pick-me-ups’ and put them into an inspiration album so that I can pick it up and feel good whenever I need it.

I stumbled across a quote the other day that my previous Principal used to read out at the end of year school assemblies and it really ‘spoke’ to me… so I thought, rather than keep it all to myself why not share the love… and here are the results of my inspiration album.

quote copy_1

Week 1

During the first week of this year I was really absorbed in the One Little Word project and looking at balancing my life more effectively.  I actually started off looking at pictures of scales but I kept coming back to photos of balancing stones.  I’m really listening to the ‘inner me’ this year so I went with the flow and downloaded a huge variety of photos.

Lots of you have seen the framed piece of wall art I created for my lounge and One Little Word album and this weeks ‘Feel Good Friday’ is really just an extension of that.  Here’s my layout:Week 1 copy_1

I love the calming feel and colours of these photos and every time I look at it I really do feel a little bit of happiness.

Week 2

Last week I created my ‘Take time to smell the roses’ wall art and during the course of making it I stumbled onto a variety of photos.  Some I’ve already used and others didn’t make the ‘final cut’ but they were too beautiful to simply sit in a folder on my computer.  Here’s my layout:Week 2 copy_1

Usually I love really strong colours and clean lines but there is something about these soft colours and the soft focus of the photos that has captivated me.

Week 3

On Monday I went over to Hamilton to visit Krystal and she took me to the gardens.   One of her favourites is the Italian garden and I absolutely adored it.  Walking through the garden is like being transported to Italy and my camera was in constant use. 

I’ve been learning how to use textures and overlays lately and I had a huge amount of fun with the ‘scenic’ shots of the garden so I decided to use them for this weeks layout.Week 3 copy_1

When I was finished putting it together I was really thrilled with the results.  It’s very rewarding taking your own photos and then using them to create something that makes you feel good.

I’ve got a few more ideas of how I can use these photos too so my ‘Feel Good Friday’ pages not only make me feel good but also inspire me to do other things… I’m in a very happy place right now.

I hope that these layout have made you feel good too and that they inspire you… or simply make you smile.

Wishing you a really happy Friday xx

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  1. Really loving the idea of a Feel Good Friday. I intend to embrace this too and hope to eventually feel good every day. xoxo


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