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Project Life: Week 3, an insert and something arty!

Hi everyone :)

Gosh this weeks pages are really full and there’s such a huge variety of stuff included… I really do love the school holidays!  I haven’t got much longer until I head back for another school year… in fact I’ve got a Teacher Day on Friday but I’m almost ready for it now.

Here’s an overview of my week:Full_1

As most of you already know, I spent Monday with Krystal… although as I put my pages together it seemed much longer ago that just Monday!  I decided to include my favourite photo of each of the girls from their photo shoots.

This weeks ‘date stamp’ went over another of my favourite photos from the gardens and I also included the digital layout challenge I did.

On Facebook this week I saw a cool little quote featuring the ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’ monkeys so I had a go at reproducing the quote using some monkey images and I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.

Here’s a close up of the beginning of the week:Left_1

Last Friday when Mikayla and I went to the movies I spotted a really nice lounge suite and it was at a really good price PLUS they did free delivery within Rotorua so how could I resist? 

I gave the local Hospice a call and they were more than happy to receive three sofas and some plastic storage units!  On Tuesday afternoon they arrived to pick them up and then a mere hour and a half later they new sofas arrived!  Unfortunately they aren’t quite right… the locking mechanism they forms them into an ‘L’ is in the wrong place and the cushions aren’t quite the ones I saw either but there’s another one on it’s way and due to arrive in early February.  Meanwhile we are thoroughly enjoying the more modern lounge!

To give you a better idea here’s a before and after photo of our seating.



Loving the new look!  Toby has decided that suede is his new favourite thing… he loves lying on the sofa beside me and Mikayla and quite often gets in between us for patting!

Meanwhile my new teacher planner has arrived too!  I decided to order a different one than the one the school provides… although I hadn’t counted on the fluro green covers!  Not to worry though… I’ve got a plan in mind for those which I’ll show you next week!

I received one of the ‘a little bird told me’ emails the other day which was all about ‘choices’.  It totally needed to be included in this weeks pages!  If you don’t already get the ‘little bird’ emails from Brave Girls I highly recommend them for a bit of daily positivity.  You can subscribe to there HERE.

Here’s a close up of the rest of my week:Right_1

I’m still working on perfecting my Thai green curry recipe.  I’m getting closer but the spice mix is still not right!  If anyone has a really good recipe I’d love to hear from you!!

This week I included the ‘Feel Good Friday’ piece.  I’m really enjoying the project and I’ve got tons of ideas and themes for it! 

I’m still working on my mantelpiece as part of my lounge project and one of the things I decided to do was make a large photo board full of photos of my girls taken during their photo shoots.  Toby was very keen to critique my work for me when it was done! The finished board is 34 x 17 inches so it’s a decent size to go on the wall… now all I’ve got to do is actually get it onto the wall LOL

This week I also heard from Dougal! 

dougal leaving copy_1

He sent me a very brief photo message from his phone… when did he get that I wonder???  Anyway it seems that Dougal is on the fast track to becoming a bit famous.  The company he’s working for has rushed through a passport for him and he sent me a photo message from the International departures lounge.  It seems he’s heading off on his big OE but he’s promised me that he will write… and that he’ll be home for Christmas!

Yesterday I headed over to one of my sisters’ because our cousin was up from Wellington and I hadn’t actually caught up with him for a few years.  We had a great time with my nieces and they totally adore their ‘Uncle Tony’!  We decided to take them all down to the avocado orchard and of course I took my camera! 

Here’s the front of my insert:Insert front_1

Uncle Tony got the privilege of pushing the wheelbarrow all the way down to the avocados!  The girls laughed and giggled the whole way and by the time we got there they were as lively as ever… Uncle Tony definitely wasn’t feeling lively! LOL

Here’s the back of the insert:Insert back_1

My sister shimmied up the trees pretty quickly so now I know where Jess gets her climbing ability from!  The girls were also taking video footage of the outing using Tony’s little camera so on the way back we had ‘Avocado Cam’… David Attenborough would be highly impressed!

Actually I was impressed that we managed to gather 67 avocados in a very short space of time.  Half are heading back to Wellington with Tony and they other half came home with me.  They’re totally delicious and taste way better than the ones I’ve been buying… plus I noticed that they were $2.40 each at the supermarket last night so that means we picked around $160 worth of fruit!

As much as Tony teases the girls, they absolutely adore him and when Jess reached over to give him a kiss I made sure my camera was ready! 

And now for another project!  I couple of years ago I bought a large canvas (15 x 30 inch) for a very specific project.  Unfortunately that project really didn’t work so I’ve had the painted canvas sitting around my craft room waiting for some attention. 

I was looking through some stuff I downloaded this morning and I found the PERFECT project to use this canvas for.  It’s something totally different for me and I don't know if it’s going to work but I’m going to give it a go anyway.

Here’s the start of my project:Step 1 copy_1

I’ll take some ‘in progress’ photos as I go so you’re bound to see an update!

So that’s it from me… I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend and I’ll catch up with you again soon xx

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  1. Oh wow what a difference the new sofas made. Bit annoying that its not the right one though. Yum to the avocados - down here they are 3 for $2 but pretty mushy for that. :)


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