Friday, January 4, 2013

Project Life: Endings and Beginnings

I’m back :)

I think Kate at the photo lab has seen enough of me today… but it was so good to be able to go and get all my photos printed off.

On New Years Eve we had the first fine day in ages.  It actually started off quite cloudy and we had a few showers but by 2pm it was really hot and I was able to get all my washing dry.  The grass dried out really quickly too so Toby and I made a start on the back yard.

Here’s a look at my final page for Project Life 2012:Last page_1

I wanted to include some journaling about my One Little Word (Priorities) for 2012.  Even though I didn’t do Ali’s class I still tried to keep my word important to me.  I also did a little bit of journaling about the ups and downs of the year.

On New Years Eve my friend Loreen hosted a Jimmy Buffett party and we all brought something to share.  I decided to make some truffles and then roll them in coconut and sprinkles.  They looked really festive and even though they had the tiniest bit of alcohol in them they sure did pack a punch!

For the final photo I included my Log your Memory album because it was such a bit part of my blog during 2012.  So that’s it… I’ve completed two really fat albums of Project Life during the year and I’m ready to start a brand new one now :)

Project Life 2013

This year I’m definitely going to be continuing with Project Life and I also want to include some of my One Little Word stuff in it.  I’ve got a separate album for it which I’ll share on my blog but there will be other things that also get included in my Project Life album.

I really want my word which is CHOICES to play a big role in my life this year so I thought I’d start by giving it a showcase for my front page of my album.

I had so much fun working out how to do the centre photos so they all lined up the way I wanted them and I’m totally thrilled with how it turned out.  So here is the front page for Project Life 2013:Introduction_1

The ‘Hello Twenty-Thirteen’ came from Cathy Zielske’s blog as part of a free download.  If you’d like to get Cathy’s free Project Life downloads then check out her blog. 

I also included my new blog header because I really love it… it’s inspiring all sorts of creative CHOICES for me at the moment so you may just see it again!

I also wanted to include my reasons for choosing the word CHOICES this year.  The photo is also going to be in my OLW album but it was important to me to include it here as well.

So that’s my title page for 2013.  I’ll be continuing with blogging Project Life every Sunday… it seems to really work for me!

Have a great day everyone xx


  1. Love your first page for the year. The blog header is really pretty.

    1. Thanks Vicki :) I really love the soft colours... very unusual for me LOL

  2. Shell I like the new blog header, it is soothing to look at and your title page for Project Life 2013 is lovely. I have so far been stuck with my title page, I may scrap lift yours :-)

    The wrap up of your December Daily was great. I miss Dougal too!

  3. Shell your blog header is so pretty, very soothing to look at. I like your Project Life 2013 title page. I have been stuck on my title page, I may have to scrap lift elements of yours :-)

    Your December Daily was fantastic. I also miss Dougall but I guess the boy has got to do what the boy has got to do .......... Mary-Lou

  4. I too really like your header Shell very pretty. Thank you for the info re Cathy's free downloads too..I hope i can keep up with PL I started in December and have 5 pages done all ready...


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