Sunday, January 6, 2013

Project Life: Week 1

Hi everyone :)

I just had a friend ring up and say… ‘Shell you’re blogging too much I can’t keep up!’  LOL  Things have slowed down a little on the blog now that the December Daily is finished but I’ve still got lots to share.

Here’s an overview of my first week of 2013:Full_1

I had considered changing designs for the page protectors for 2013 but in the end I decided to stick with Design A because it really works for me.

I did make one small change though… I’ve decided to do my week dates a different way this year so I won’t be doing my ‘little piece of creativity’ each week.  I’m hoping that it might mean I get a bit more creativity done !

Here’s my date piece for this week which once again features part of my blog header in the background… so inspired by that picture!

DATE copy_1

Now on with the week… Mikayla worked on New Years day and after having such a late night I decided that a yummy breakfast was in order.  I ended up making myself a big omelette with bacon, chorizo and capsicum and although I did take a photo of it I loved the colour of the ingredients so much that I decided to include that instead!

The late night certainly seemed to affect poor Toby and he slept for most of the day.  We had a quiet day hanging out at home and it was bliss!

The following day Toby decided that he WANTED Mikayla’s crocs and he was going to get them off her feet.  She got so fed up with him that she took them off and put them in his Toby house… and they’re still there!  He won’t even go in the house long enough to get them out!

Here’s a better view of the first part of the week:Left_1

I spent some of the day reading and finished off the final book in the 50 Shades trilogy… totally enjoyed all three books!  Of course I also finished off my December Daily project so I wanted to include that as well.

Miss Brandy was a bit over Toby the other day and he wouldn’t leave her alone.  We’ve got some blackberry growing in the garden and I can’t wait for the fruit to ripen so that I can get it all out of there but in the meantime Brandy has made herself a wee ‘nest’ in amongst all the thorny branches and Toby can see her but he sure can’t get to her!

Ann and Hebie from Auckland called in the other day and we had a good time talking scrapbooking.  Hebie is doing Project Life as well so of course we had to get out the cameras!

Mikayla came home with a new movie to watch… Friends with Benefits.  It’s definitely a chic flick and pretty predictable but it was also fun to watch.

Here’s a better look at the second half of the week:Right_1

I know what Mum’s going to say when she sees this page… ‘There’s WEASEL again!  Toby has quite a few nicknames but Mum’s little term of ‘endearment’ for him is Weasel… especially when he weasels his way into the blog repeatedly!

Mikayla has a phone app called Talking Tom Cat (TTC) and basically it is a cat who repeats everything you say… including your inflections!  She gets it going and says ‘come here Toby’ and then TTC repeats it… then she tries… ‘Tobylicious’ and of course TTC repeats it… she thinks it’s hilarious but poor Toby isn’t quite so sure.  She overdid it a bit on Friday and he needed some cuddles to recover!

The ‘Stories Photos Life’ is another one of Cathy Zielske’s png files (from the previous blog post).  I changed a couple of the colours and removed the bottom area so that it went with my photo better.

Yesterday was bath day… not Toby’s favourite day but he does smell much better and I think he quite liked a bit of pampering from his Mumma!  After the bath he came outside with me when I went out to do the lawns.  He loves chasing the mower and ‘helping’ me but he also enjoyed creating a little ‘dust bath’ for himself!

toby dust_1

Although he was newly out of the bath and smelling lovely he was having such a good time that I just couldn’t bring myself to growl at him.  He must have run around like a lunatic for at least half an hour and he eventually wore himself out.  It was a great end to a very productive day!

Speaking of productive… I’ve been working hard on my One Little Word album and then I’ll share it with you here… so pleased with how it’s coming along!

So that’s been my week… I hope you’ve all had a good week as well.

Take care xx


  1. And just what would we do without our animals?? LOL.

    1. Absolutely! Although Toby is completely convinced that he is a 'people' LOL

  2. I love your blog!!!! Your photos are awesome and I was drawn by your gallery from OLW. Now you are tempting me to do Project Life. LOL I do believe I will subscribe to your blog.


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