Wednesday, February 13, 2013

52 Lists

Hi everyone :)

Currently I’m feeling a little like ‘chopped liver’ in my house.  Krystal has come home for a couple of days and Toby has decided that his allegiance lies with her!  He still sleeps on my bed at night but that’s about it. 

Last night when we got back from school, Toby rushed to the door to greet us… that’s quite normal… what’s not normal is that he rushed PAST me to greet Krystal!  We came inside and he kept saying hello to Krystal and sat with Krystal and followed Krystal around and meanwhile I was completely and utterly ignored!  I actually spoke to him several times and he didn’t even look at me and then the next time I spoke to him he turned his back on me!

This morning we got up and he did his morning visit outside and then went back to bed.  Ten minutes later Krystal got up and Toby spotted her.  She went to the toilet and then hopped back in bed and ‘himself’ decided that snuggling up with Krystal was top of his priority list!  I have to admit that he did look cute all cuddled up with Krystal in her bed but what happened to ‘Mumma love’? 

He’s currently bringing Krystal all his treasures… chewed toys and shoes… to show her what he has and expecting pats and cuddles for his efforts.  He’s such a BOY!

Now for the lists! 

Week 4: List your current and future goals and dreamsWeek 4 copy

List 5: List what you are grateful forWeek 5 copy

I’m really enjoying the list making process and it’s definitely highlighted areas of my life that I want to focus on.

I hope you’re all having a great week xx

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