Sunday, February 10, 2013

Project Life: Week 6

Hi everyone :)

Welcome to the next instalment in my Project Life album.  Let’s start off with some really good news!!

  Krystal phoned me on Friday afternoon just after I had finished work to tell me that the real estate company has found new tenants for their house which means they are moving!!! 

I know I’m excited but it’s super good news because the real estate guy had been a bit ‘devious’ (just my opinion!) and got them to sign a 6-month lease on the house.  He’d told them it meant that they had a ‘guaranteed’ house for 6 months… what he didn’t tell them was that they couldn’t actually hand in their notice for 6 months either!

Krystals house copy After all the trouble they’ve had they suggested he put the house back up for rental to see if they could get someone to take it and lady luck was smiling on them because the real estate guy has already found someone.  They have until Feb 18th to move out.  It’s only 8 days away but they’re totally fine with that and busy making plans and packing!  I’m a happy Mum right now :)

Here’s an overview of my week:Full copy_1

I’m really loving my new classroom set up.  Having the computers around the edges of the classroom and using tables instead of desks has given us a lot more space!

On Monday the kids got the spraying on their photo frames done and they look really amazing now :)

Here’s a close up of the start of the week:Left copy_1

Of course Wednesday was Waitangi Day in New Zealand which meant there was no school.  We had a great day at home enjoying the sun and Mikayla got up to mischief turning Toby’s blanket into a poncho for him.  He didn’t look overly impressed but it was kind of neat how his head came out where the tigers head was!

Toby has always been a bit of a hungus when it comes to sharing… especially if it’s treats he likes!  On Wednesday afternoon Mikayla had an ice block and as soon as Toby saw it he rushed outside and SAT at her feet.  Of course Mikayla couldn’t help but share it with him.

Harold and Bernie are in our school for a three weeks and the kids are all enjoying having their class go along to the mobile caravan.  It was our turn on Friday morning and the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

Here’s the end of my week:Right copy_1

After getting such great news from Krystal it was a shock to come home and discover that Toby had been REALLY naughty!  He’s eaten not one but TWO holes in my duvet and another hole in my duvet inner and he’d spent the afternoon pulling out all the filling!  He’s quite pleased with himself and really didn’t understand why Mumma was not happy in the slightest!!

Of course it was Paul Holmes’ funeral on Friday as well and I wanted to include the quote shared at the funeral.  I didn’t always ‘like’ Paul Holmes but he was a fantastic broadcaster and he’s left a real gap in our broadcasting industry.

On Friday night I got another shock when Mum phoned to tell me that Richard was back in hospital.  I decided to go over on Saturday morning and keep her company and then go with her to visit Richard.

Mum had been wanting to try a technique she’d seen in a scrapbooking magazine and she NEEDED alcohol inks.  Funnily enough I had quite a few so I took them over with me for her to use…. so what do you get when you combine egg shells, alcohol inks and chipboard hearts???  Pretty cool embellishments!


By the time we’d finished mucking around with inks and egg shells it was time to go and get some lunch and visit Richard.  He was actually in pretty good spirits when we were with him but didn’t feel so good later on.  I haven’t heard anything today so I’m taking the stand that ‘no news is good news’.

After we got back to Mum’s I asked her really nicely forced her to help me with my school books.  I had things that needed sticking into the kids books and she’s pretty good with a glue stick.  It only took us a little while and the job was done.

As you can see my week has had a few ups and downs but it’s been a pretty good week all the same.

I hope you’re all having a great weekend and I’ll be back later on this week to share some more ‘Lists’ and “One Little Word” with you.

Take care xx


  1. Naughty Toby. Wow that was a busy week. Am going to give the "lists" a go too - just in the planning stage. :)

  2. Hi Shell! Love how those hearts turned out. What magazine was that in, or an you briefly tell me how?

  3. Hi Shell! Love those hearts! What magazine was that in? Or can you briefly describe the technique?


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