Sunday, February 3, 2013

Project Life: Week 5

Hi everyone :)

Well it’s been another ‘eventful’ week in our family.  One of the events we could REALLY have done without but you do have to take the bad times sometimes… and it does remind you of all the wonderful things you have to be grateful for.

Here’s an overview of the week:Full_1

On Monday I gave all the hats I had for school a really good wash and hung them on the line… all 35 of them!  I don’t actually have 35 children in my class but it does give us spares for when children inadvertently leave them on the field.

While I was in the ‘washing mood’ I also got Toby’s ‘blankie’ washed and hung on the line.  He really likes his tiger blanket and he’s actually managed to eat a few holes in it… mostly from when he chews on his bones.  He was most concerned that his blanket was on the line but once he got it inside again he was quite happy.

Here’s a close up of the start of the week:Left copy_1

My friend Nina has been saying that if I don’t do SOMETHING with my big planter pots which were full of weeds that she was going to take them home to her house.  To be honest I just didn’t know what I wanted to plant in them and I couldn’t get myself enthused about them at all.  On her last visit she said… “When they come back to my place they won’t be blue anymore” and all of a sudden I knew exactly what they needed… PAINT!

I did a quick trip down to Bunnings and bought some supplies and then spent a very happy afternoon painting my planters.  It then took the rest of the week to get around to doing the actual planting and they look fantastic!

The other day Mikayla had made herself a cheese sandwich and Toby was all ready to get his cheese as well… it’s one of his favourite things!  He patiently sat beside her and watched her eating… and as the sandwich got smaller and smaller he got more and more upset because he thought he was going to miss out!  Right at the last mouthful Mikayla stopped and let Toby have the very corner of her sandwich… I don’t know if it actually had any cheese in it but Toby was thankful for the sharing!

On Wednesday, our school officially started with all the teachers, teacher-aides and children at school for the first time in 2013.  Schools seem to be starting at all different times this year!  My niece and nephew don’t start school until this coming Thursday!

Of course we had to have a class photo to mark the first day of school so I included it in this weeks pages.  Here’s a close up of the second part of the week:

Right copy_1

After doing my mixed media canvas I decided that the techniques would make a good project for my class so we recycled lots of boxes… got out the corrugated cardboard and lots of ‘things’ and we now have individual photo frames created and with a layer of gesso on them.  The kids are really looking forward to tomorrow afternoon when we spray them.

On Friday morning I got a very early morning text from Krystal with some bad news.  They had a ‘home invasion’ at their place and they were all feeling pretty stressed.  Some B****** had taken a rock and thrown it through their double glazed ranch slider window at 1.30 in the morning.  They called the police but all they did was give them a reference number for their insurance and said they won’t be coming out to see them… what’s with that???

They had all planned on coming back to Rotorua to do a ‘security job’ for the weekend but they didn’t want to leave their place unattended so Toby and I went over and stayed with Krystal while the boys were away.  There’s still lots of tiny pieces of glass about but we got most of it cleaned up. 

Krystal isn’t the sort of person to cry… so in typical Krystal fashion she got busy on Saturday afternoon and made two lasagnes and a cottage pie to keep them all fed during the week.

Toby did enjoy ‘camping’ out at Krystal’s place though… especially since we were sleeping in the lounge.  He snuggled in right between me and Krystal but didn’t stay there for too long because he got too hot.  LOL

I got home late last night and then today I got Mikayla to help me plant my tubs.  They look pretty awesome although we’ve now realised that the hostas are probably going to have to be moved because there is more afternoon sun on the patio than we’d realised.

Toby was very keen to see what was going on and is thrilled to bit to see pebbles on the top… he eats EVERYTHING!

snap copy_1

So that’s been my week and right now I’m just grateful that the ‘kids’ are all safe and that I was close enough to be able to be there for Krystal when she needed me.

Here’s to a really GOOD week ahead xx

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  1. Jeepers a home invasion - you read about stuff like happening to other people but not to those you know. Glad they are all OK - not a good look for the police though!


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