Wednesday, February 6, 2013

52 Lists–A very cool project!

Hi everyone :)

It’s Waitangi Day which means there’s no school so I’ve spent a really lovely time browsing around on the internet this morning.  I was actually looking for some pictures for my February One Little Word project when I literally stumbled across an AMAZING website! 

The sites creator is Moorea Seal and she’s a 26 year old jewellery designer and small business owner from Seattle.  Along with her many talents she loves to make lists (I SO hear her on that one!) and in 2013 she is developing the ‘52’ Lists project.


Here’s what Moorea said on her blog: I've always been a bit of a list addict.  I feel so much more peaceful and content with myself when I've got a few lists going, from what I need to do today to my favourite r&b songs from 2002.  I love lists!  So I thought it would be fun to start a series on my blog for 2013 that focuses on List making, lists for fun, lists for self discovery, lists to bring you peace, you name it.  And it's all about participation! 

Each week on Tuesdays I'll have a new list prompt for you to download and each week, you are able to link up your own list that you have posted on the web to my post.  This way we can all explore each others' lists!  I encourage you to print out a page each week, or simply create your own each week, collect them through the year and then bind them together at the end of the year as a little memento of 2013.  Or perhaps start a new journal just for your 52 List project.  Let's go on this fun list making journey together!

Without actually realising it, I had just stumbled across the EXACT THING that I had been looking for and so I’ve made a start!  Since I’m going to include these lists in my One Little Word album I’ve made them 6 x 8 size.  I’ve also decided to include Moorea’s photo of her list with each prompt because her photography is so beautiful.

Week One: List the words that touch your soulWeek 1 copy

Week Two: List your greatest comfortsWeek 2 copy

Week Three: List the things you should be proud ofWeek 3 copy

I’m totally enthused with this project… and I love that it fits so perfectly with my One Little Word prompts.  If you’re a list maker I strongly encourage you to give this project a go… who knows where it might take you!

Happy Waitangi Day xx


  1. Hey that sounds like a really good school project too. ROFL. It is cool but how are you going to record it?? An album, in PL or OLW? Might just jot down some ideas in case I want to continue. LOL

    1. Hi Vicki :) I'm going to include my pages in my OLW album. It's quite interesting to see the things that pop into your mind while you're making the lists!

  2. I have two books; List Yourself and More List Yourself that kind of do the same thing. I am a huge fan of making lists and I have often included those lists (with the strike outs of done)on my scrapping pages.


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