Wednesday, March 27, 2013

52 Lists

Hi everyone :)

I thought it was about time to do an update on the 52 Lists projects.  I’m quite enjoying this project and it’s definitely thought provoking at times.  I’m also really pleased that I decided to go for the 6 x 8 size and include it in my One Little Word album.  

Week 6: List the ways in which you can love others

Quite often I think we think that gestures of love have to be BIG things… I know I do at times.  As I was doing this list I realised that it’s often the ‘little things’ that really make me feel loved.

Week 6 copy

Week 7: List the things that make you feel healthy

When Moorea Seal did this one I was pleased to see she included ‘mind, body and soul’ in her lists… it’s a holistic viewpoint that resonates with me.

Week 7 copy

Week 8: List your favourite albums

I’m a fan of country music… but only certain types of country music.  I’ve got quite a good collection of Reba McEntire albums so it’s not surprising that they ended up on my list this week… but there are a few on the list that may just surprise you :)

Week 8 copy

I’m quite enjoying this list making process and there’s just enough creativity in the set up to keep me happy too!

Have a great week everyone xx


  1. Awesome lists. I've got a bit behind on them but still making notes. :)

  2. You make your lists look so pretty - works of art.

  3. You make your lists look so pretty - works of art.


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