Sunday, March 24, 2013

Project Life: Week 12

Hi everyone :)

When I was putting together this weeks pages I realised that my week has been full of lots of ‘little’ events and things.  It’s quite interesting doing a project like this because some weeks seem to hold really significant events while others it’s more a case of it being ‘just another week’… but I’m thinking that it’s those weeks that will be more interesting to look back on one day.

Food seems to appear quite a lot this week too… not sure why LOL  Here’s an overview of my week:Full_1

As most of you know I’m a bit of a D.I.Y. girl and I’m always on the lookout for my next project.  I’ve decided to create a more relaxing bedroom for myself and this week I found the ‘perfect’ duvet for my new colour scheme.

I was also super pleased to find ‘MARMITE’ back on the shelves.  I haven’t even opened the pot up yet but I DO feel comforted knowing that it’s then when I’m ready!

There’s been a little more artwork going on… more mixed media stuff and I’ve got a different kind of canvas on my work table at the moment… hopefully I’ll be able to share that with you next week.

Here’s a better look at the start of my week:Left_1

On Wednesday there was a ‘hop’ on over in Waihi and Tracey went all out getting dressed up… she even went to the hairdresser for a very 1950’s hairstyle.   I was so pleased to see the photos she sent me because quite frankly I think she looks amazing!  Mum had a big hand in getting her outfit ready too :)

Mikayla also got busy making some cupcakes… but these ones were very ‘different’ from the usual variety.  She made them with BACON and MAPLE SYRUP!  There is actually bacon IN the cupcakes along with some maple syrup and then she iced them with maple syrup icing and put crushed up bacon on top…. Ummm no thanks!

I’ve been so busy at school lately that it’s been very rare to find me at home before 6.30 and poor Toby is getting quite over the whole thing.  He’s taken to going down to the bedroom for a puppy nap so that he can hear me as soon as I arrive. 


I found a super good deal on glass jam jars this week… 12 jars (300 ml size) for $16!   I’m actually more than capable of making jam… and actually I make a pretty good marmalade in spite of the fact that I can’t stand it myself.  These little beauties though are for my craft room and I thought they’d look fab with buttons in them and I’m thrilled with how cool they turned out.  It’s just another step towards being more organised… and if ‘organised’ can be pretty then that’s even better!

Mikayla is getting into the swing of her course again and she took a couple of photos on her phone.  Luckily for me they are nice and big so I can use them in my pages!

Thanks to Krystal I have developed a taste for the food from the Noodle Canteen.  It’s a super quick dinner option when you’re busy and don’t have time to cook and it’s pretty good value for money. 

So that’s been my week… lots of little things but they’re all part of what makes my life what it is… and that’s pretty darn cool!

Have a good week everyone xx


  1. Another very interesting week. Yesterday's Feel Good, raspberry photos were wonderful. Both the berry & noodle photo makes me very hungry. Thankfully we are just starting our spring (snow is still on the ground) so I have a berry season to look forward to, soon. I need to find a noodle source.

  2. Yum - food photos are a good filler too. LOL. We did the marmite ones too as well as the cheese/marmite on crackers and cheese/marmite toasties. ROFL


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