Sunday, March 17, 2013

Project Life: Week 11

Yes I’m back again… and now I’m all up-to-date with Project Life.  Not only was I behind doing my blogging but I hadn’t actually printed off ANY photos since Week 6 so I had plenty to catch up on.

I came home from the photo lab with a huge stack of photos but they are now all in their album and it’s a REALLY good feeling!

Here’s an overview of Week 11:Full_1

This week Mikayla headed back to polytech for her second year of Fashion Design Technology and Toby thought his throat was cut!  He couldn’t believe that he was getting locked OUT every day… he’s such a drama king!

Meanwhile Whaea Charlie has just done her second week of teaching in Room 4 and she’s doing really well.  In fact she did so well on Monday and Tuesday that I was able to get some of the kids art up on the wall!

Here’s a close up of the start of the week:Left_1

I had a very much needed visit with Nicola (my chiropractor) on Monday and then again on Thursday.  My back is feeling so much better for it and I can go back to weekly visits again.  :)

Novapay decided to make an entrance into my life this week… there are quite a few people at our school affected by them but so far I wasn’t one of them.  They are disputing the time I had off work last year when I hurt my back but thankfully I’m working with a lovely lady at ACC to get it all sorted.

One thing I’ve noticed with Whaea Charlie doing the majority of the lessons is the children who ‘really’ listen on the mat and the ones that only ‘listen’ when she’s looking.  I was talking to my teacher-aide the other day and apparently it’s the same when I’m teaching so I know where the ‘hot spots’ are now… the kids won’t know what struck them!

Did you notice how brown our school fields are in the photo?  It’s been so long since we’ve had any rain but yesterday we got a bit of a teaser… nothing to write home about that’s for sure!  When I woke up this morning though there was a very little drizzle and we’ve had ‘wet stuff’ falling from the sky all day!  It’s not heavy which is good because that would cause just as many problems but it’s enough that hopefully the grass and plants will feel a whole lot happier.

Here’s the second part of the week:Right_1

More school photos!  I’ve been putting in a LOT of hours at school this year… much, much more than normal!  It’s a constant balancing act and I’m really hoping to get the balance better over the next few weeks.

Toby has been very happy to see Mikayla or myself get home each day.  If he could fit more than just his head through the cat door he would!  Mikayla had the funny photo on her phone and it was perfect to include in this weeks pages.

I’ve also had both my Tuesday and Thursday night classes this week to try and catch up a bit and Mouse brought around some gorgeous tiles that she thought I might like to make a mold of… and I did… and they’re stunning!

On Friday morning we had our 8.15 staff admin meeting and once again Peter was asking for a new NZEI rep for the school.  I’ve been getting tired of him asking and although I really didn’t want the job when he offered cake to the person who took it on I watched as my hand went up all by itself… clearly I can be bought!  And even more clearly… I can be bought relatively cheaply!

I’ve also managed to get some more work done on a canvas that I’m working on for the school art auction later this year.  It’s another mixed media piece and this time there’s no photo to worry about so it’s actually quite a neat project to work on.

So that’s been my week… busy as usual but it feels really good to finally be getting on top of everything again!

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend and that next week brings good things to us all xx

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