Sunday, March 17, 2013

Project Life: Week 10

Hi everyone :)

Well my plan is working… I’ve already ticked off a few things and by the end of the day there will be some more things completed.  It’s a LONG list and I’m not going to get everything done but at least I know the direction I’m heading to LOL

Here’s an overview of Week 10:Full_1

We started off the week with Richard’s funeral in Tauranga on Monday.  It was a really beautiful service and was very much a celebration of his life.  He had a pretty interesting life including being a bodyguard in Palestine, moving from England to New Zealand on a big adventure into the unknown, raising 5 children and then 3 grandchildren.  He also had a farm, owned cafes, worked in real estate and in a hospital. 

There were lots of great stories about Richard’s life and I’m pretty sure he would be happy with the eulogy I did for him which covered the last 15 years.  I definitely worked hard to stick to the ‘guidelines’ he gave me!

Here’s the start of my week:Left_1

Richard was always quite particular about having his car clean at all times but unfortunately for me I ran out of time on the weekend to wash mine so Mikayla and I took it through the car wash.  It was a very new experience and I had a few mini ‘panic attacks’ while the machines were going but the end result was brilliant!

On Tuesday we all headed up to Auckland for Richard’s burial and it all went smoothly.  Mum’s cousin (Jeanette) lives not far from where we were heading and Mum was so pleased to see her again.  I’d never met Jeanette before although I do know that she stalks my blog LOL 

Auntie Daphne carried on up North to go home on Tuesday afternoon and her car was working absolutely fine.  I’m so pleased that I got a photo of Mum with each of these lovely ladies.

I took Krystal home after we left Auckland and I was quite pleased to see the end of motorways by the time we got back to Hamilton.

On Wednesday it was straight back to school and mentoring my student teacher.  Although I get observed teaching by various people it’s quite different being the ‘observer’ for a change.  I’m happy to report that Whaea Charlie is doing really well :)


The first couple of days flew by and I was so busy I didn’t even take any photos but on Thursday night I organised some cupcakes for my class to have while we watched Charlotte’s Web. 

For several years now I’ve been reading Charlotte’s Web and James and the Giant Peach to my classes and I’ve always had to go and hire the movie at the end of the book but Krystal has managed to get me copies of both of those movies… so cool to have them and know that I’ve got them when I need them.

On Saturday Krystal had her housewarming party and it was really good timing.  We all needed to have a bit of joy and laughter after the past few weeks and although there were some tough moments (especially for Mum) we actually had a pretty good afternoon.

I made Krystal some cupcakes and iced them with blue before adding a chocolate fish and blue sugar on top… the kids thought they were pretty neat!

Toby also loved taking Grandma to the Hamilton Dog Park and showing her all around… he even got in the water all by himself!

Krystal made a fantastic ‘pool party’ cake and after cutting away the centre of the cake she filled it up with blue jelly… look at this:cake

Krystal is a wonderful hostess and there were so many delicious things to eat.  She really did think of everything and she made sure everyone had a great time while she looked completely relaxed.  I’d like to take the credit for her being like that but in reality she’s more like my sister in that area because Tracey is definitely the ‘hostess with the mostest!’

Krystal’s new house is perfect for them too… there’s loads of space for everyone… a big backyard that is quite private and of course there’s the pool.  PLUS it’s only a five minute walk to the dog park!  Toby is thrilled :)

Happy Sunday everyone xx

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  1. Am sure you did Richard proud with your eulogy. Seems like he sure did have a full and interesting life.


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