Saturday, March 16, 2013

Project Life: Week 9

Hi everyone :)

I’m feeling really determined that this weekend I’ll catch up on projects.  I’ve got a million things on my desk/table but I’ve got a plan!!!  I’ve made a checklist and I’m working through it… and with each item I check off I’m feeling a little bit more in control of where I’m at :)

As many of you know… ‘life’ is what happens in spite of your plans! My original plans for Week 9 were to get all my ‘stuff’ organised… get my school work all sorted… and get the house organised for when Dad and Jan were arriving. Things definitely did NOT go according to plan!

Sadly, Richard passed away on Wednesday and it ‘knocked the socks off us’.  I still had loads of school work to do and it wasn’t really the ideal time for Dad and Jan to visit for a few days but somehow you get through it all and come out the other side.

Here’s an overview of what Week 9 actually looked like:


I took Monday off work to be with Mum and Richard and got to spend some time with Krystal and Auntie Daphne as well.   Krystal and I needed a bit of a break from the hospital so we went to a local shopping centre for a ‘look’.

While we were there I spotted some cool pans in a kitchen supply store so I got one for making ‘whoopie cakes’ and another for making macaroons.   I haven’t actually made either of these delicious little goodies before but I’m working on it.

While Krystal was at the hospital she took a couple of photos of Mum and Richard asleep and one of them was really lovely so I’ve included it in my pages for my album but it’s too personal to share here on the blog.  I quite like the photo I used for that first photo spot though :)

Here’s a close up of the start of the week:


On Monday I noticed the big ‘tow away’ sign in the hospital carpark… and quite frankly I should have left it at that!  I let Auntie Daphne know that her car might get towed away so she handed me over the keys and I went and parked it for her… silly me!  As I went around a corner the ‘EPS’ light came on.  For those of you who don’t know it means Electronic Power Steering and the next minute I couldn’t turn the steering wheel at all!

I quickly turned off the car, turned it back on and away she went… no problem at all!  Then on Wednesday when Auntie Daphne drove her car the exact same thing happened!  Miss Krystal thought it would be funny to send me a text to tell me that I BROKE Auntie’s car…. nope it wasn’t funny at all!  It turned out to be a very expensive and time consuming repair (she didn’t get the car back until Monday afternoon) and I learnt a very valuable lesson… next time Auntie is going to get a ticket I’m going to keep my mouth shut!!  LOL

Meanwhile on Monday night I came back home and went back to school.  The kids were great and we had some good lessons during the week in spite of the fact that some kids think the instructions don’t actually apply to them at all!

Here’s the second half of the week:


Now when it comes to buying stuff I don’t tend to be impulsive.  I’ve been watching the ‘Shark Navigator Lift Away’ ads for months and really wanted to see one in action.  Then I went to the Home Show I saw a demo… but of course they’re all set up and ready to go.  I wanted to know what ‘real’ people thought of them.  I asked around at school to find that a few of the kids in my class have them and they said… “Mum says it’s great!”  Clearly the Dad’s in my class don’t do the vacuuming!

I finally took the plunge and bought one and guess what… it’s FANTASTIC!  Totally love it and boy does it pick up the dirt and Toby hair!  I had a wonderful time vacuuming with it and for some reason it doesn’t seem to bother Toby like the other one did.  My old one has now found a new home at Krystal’s and she seems quite happy with it.

On Thursday Dad and Jan arrived with their home on wheels.  Toby was pleased to see Granddad again and was beside himself showing Dad all the things that he could do since his last visit… although funnily enough he wasn’t keen to show Granddad what he’s been doing to my duvet inner!

Dad was really busy on Saturday so Toby and I took Jan to visit ‘his’ supermarket and then we went down to the Farmers Market for a bit of lunch.  They had some cake pops there and I definitely want to have a go at making those cute little morsels!

Mikayla also enjoyed having Granddad down for a visit and gave him heaps of cheek for being short!  Somehow it’s ok for a granddaughter to do that but NOT a daughter!  It definitely gave me a good photographic moment to capture though.

So that was Week 9… the year sure is flying past!

I hope you’re all having a good start to your weekend xx


  1. I'm glad you are finally finding some time for you Shell.
    I really love that Richards jacket co-ordinates so nicely with the Shark Navigator Lift-Away, lol.

  2. It always helps to make a list. LOL. Good that you have a plan to catch up. Have been checking out the Shark too and really want it for the dog hair - is it really that good???

    1. Hi Vicki :) YES it really is fantastic with all of Toby's hair... the carpet looks and feels so clean now!

    2. Does it do a really deep clean of the carpet as we have the hair ingrained into it and despite vaccuuming get furballs constantly appearing on the top???

    3. Not to gross you out too much but I went over the hallway really thoroughly as I knew that was the worst 'Toby' area and by the time I'd finished the catcher was FULL! It must have picked up every bit of dust, fluff and hair for months and the hallway still looked fabulous for several days :)

  3. I think I'm sold now LOL. Thanks for that. :)


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