Sunday, May 5, 2013

Project Life: Week 18 and a couple of layouts

Hi everyone :)

It’s been another busy week in our household… and one filled with lots of different things.  Here’s an overview of the week:Full_1

With the weather turning into winter I’m going to have to go back to drying my washing at the laundrette again.  It’s actually not a bad experience at all… but it can be a bit of a pain when you suddenly realise on Sunday afternoon you’ve got no clean towels left!

On Monday I went to Matthew’s funeral and actually managed to do my eulogy for him.  The rest of the day was a bit of a write off really but I did have a nice dinner with Mikayla to thank her for all her help with the retreat.  It’s good to know she can help out when needed.

On Tuesday I got lots of ‘little’ things done… just the every day stuff like going to the bank, the chiropractor, the supermarket etc and then Nina came around with her computer which needed fixing.  Thankfully it was just a small job that needed doing.

Here’s a closer look at the beginning of the week:Left_1

On Tuesday I headed over to see my sister and her kids and it was lots of fun.  She hasn’t been able to get her hair cut since opening her shop so I volunteered to be her ‘shop assistant’ for the afternoon. 

Between visiting her shop and a couple of others I ended up with some really neat scrapping supplies so I’m looking forward to spending some time doing projects this winter!

Poor Toby missed me while I was away.  He was very put out that he wasn’t allowed to go with me to see ‘Auntie’ but it just didn’t work out for him this time. 

Apart from the usual excitement when I got back he was surprised to see that I had a wee visitor for him.  After asking me ‘how far is it to Rotorua’ every time I visit my sister and I decided that he could come back and stay with me for a night.  Reece loves Toby and Toby is pretty keen on Reece too so it was a good thing!

Here’s a close up of the second half of the week:Right_1

I’ve been having problems with the colour in my hair going that ‘horrible brassy blonde’ colour… in Rotorua we call it ‘Whaka blonde’ so I decided that it was time to go back to my natural colour. 

Reece spent quite a bit of time taking photos of me getting my hair done with the camera on my cell phone and then he went home with Mikayla on the bus… another big adventure for him!

On Friday morning Reece woke up at 5.45 am and then told me that I had to get up as well!  Having a little face right up close when you wake up in the morning isn’t really my idea of fun!

I got Toby and Reece settled down on the sofa with their blankets and they were quite happy… for 5 minutes!  I know I didn’t let my own girls watch TV in the mornings but quite frankly ‘Auntie’ really wasn’t prepared to be the entertainment police at that time of the morning!

After breakfast we got ready and headed over to see Krystal.  We all met at her place and went out for lunch to Keystone and it was fantastic! 

I had Seafood Tagliatelle - Rich tomato sauce with shrimps, fresh mussels and smoked bacon, finished with Italian parsley, rocket and parmesan:Shelley's Lunch_1

Mikayla had BLT Sandwich -  Grilled streaky bacon with cos lettuce, tomato and parmesan on a Turkish bap:Mikayla's lunch_1

Mum had seafood chowder which I can tell you was absolutely delicious while Krystal and Reece had Chicken Tacos with fries.  The portions were absolutely amazing for just $12 and we left there very happy diners!

On the way home Mikayla and I called in to Tirau for a quick stop and I found the perfect cake stand for having my ‘High Tea’ party… it’s definitely going to happen one day!

We’ve actually spent most of the weekend doing very little but we did go to the library, get photos printed and get all our groceries yesterday so having a little down time today is just what was needed.

A few weeks ago I showed you one of the layouts for the retreat we had last weekend but with all that has happened I’d forgotten to show you the other two layouts from the classes.

This one uses some gorgeous Graphic 45 papers from the French Country collection…. definitely a favourite for me!  These photos are of my niece Jessie and her ‘Uncle Tony’ who she absolutely adores.

IMG_7242 copy_1

The final layout used some more Graphic 45 paper as well as some My Mind’s Eye paper and I really like how it turned out.

IMG_7241 copy_1

Well that’s my update… it’s raining here today so I’m heading up to the laundrette as soon as the washing is done LOL

I hope you all have a wonderful week xx

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  1. Wow Busy as always Shell... Love that cake stand you have such good taste. I bought one exactly the same just last month...Lol


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