Saturday, May 4, 2013

One Little Word: April update

Hi everyone :)

It’s time for another One Little Word update.  I’m still really enjoying the prompts… and I’m really pleased that I take so many photos because  the April prompt was all about photos!

April title for blog copy_1

Here’s what Ali wrote in this months OLW email:

This month it’s time to use our cameras to see our word working in the world. How does what you see through the lens inform your relationship with your word?

At first I thought I wouldn’t have enough photos for this prompt… not because I don’t take a lot of photos (I’m definitely a snap-happy photographer!) but because I didn’t think my word ‘CHOICES’ would be easy to translate into photos… how wrong I was!

It turns out that I actually do have photos of lots of things that relate to my word… although I wasn’t consciously thinking of my word at the time.  In fact, during the process of putting together my April pages I’ve come to realise that ‘CHOICES’ is very much a part of my every day life.  It’s apparent in both my conscious and sub-conscious thoughts.  Have a look at my pages and you’ll see what I mean:

page 1 copy_1

page 2 copy_1

page 3 copy_1

Ali encouraged us to ‘add a bit of text to give added meaning and context to each photo’ and it was a good idea because without the text the photos don’t really show how they relate to my word.

My April intention was ‘Understanding Choices’ and I’ve been thinking a bit about that too.  I’ve seen how some of the ‘choices’ I make are just really routines or old thought patterns that I need to change to move forward with my life.   I’ve been making a lot of conscious choices lately… some have been positive and some still need a bit of tweaking to get the desired results! 

I’m still surprised at how well the intentions I set in January reflect what happens in each month… I’m so pleased I trusted my gut instincts even though they didn’t make much sense at the time!

I hope you all have a great weekend xx


  1. I found your blog via BPC. Thank you for your lovely comment on my OLW for April. I am always love seeing and supporting fellow Kiwi scrappers. Such great pics to see. I caught your news about Matthew and wanted to express my sympathy to you and your class as well as his family. I heard it through the news but when you read about it the tragedy hits harder. I was a primary school teacher before I had my children and know what you are going through. In my first year teaching I suffered the loss of one of my pupils through tragedy. Nothing prepares you for it. My thoughts are with you as you and your class grieve and move forward.

  2. Wow go you - lots of different choices shown in your photos. :)


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